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 Laboratory Studies and Modeling: People
Stanley Sander's Picture
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
M/S 183-901
4800 Oak Grove Drive
Pasadena, CA 91109

Stanley Sander
Group Supervisor

  • B.A. in Physics, Pomona College (1974)
  • M.S. in Environmental Engineering Science, California Institute of Technology (1975)
  • Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering Science, California Institute of Technology (1980)

Research Interests
  • Laboratory photochemistry, spectroscopy and kinetics studies of elementary processes important in the atmospheres of Earth and the planets
  • Measurements of atmospheric composition by ground-based remote sensing using advanced instrumental methods such as UV-Visible-NIR interferometry, polarimetry and high resolution spectroscopy
  • Analysis of global satellite data to understand mechanisms of atmospheric transformations, dynamics and long-term trends important for tropospheric air quality, solar radiation and climate change


NASA JPL Data Evaluation Icon NASA JPL Data Evaluation
Chemical Kinetics and Photochemical Data for Use in Atmospheric Studies

JIFRESSE is a scientific collaboration between UCLA and JPL to improve understanding and to develop future projections about global climate change.

Megacities Carbon Project Icon Megacities Carbon Project
The Megacities Carbon Project is being established for the megacities of Los Angeles and Paris.

Professional Experience
  • Jet Propulsion Laboratory
    • Senior Research Scientist (1996-Present)
    • Lead Scientist, Atmospheric Chemistry Research Element (1994-1996)
    • Manager, Atmospheric and Oceanographic Sciences Section (1992-1994)
    • Leader, Chemical Kinetics and Photochemistry Group (1988-Present)
    • Member of the Technical Staff (1979-1988)
    • Research Assistant, Physics Section (1971-1979)
  • University of California at Los Angeles
    • Fellow Joint Institute for Regional Earth Science and Engineering (JIFRESSE) (2008-Present)
    • Visiting Lecturer, Department of Atmospheric Sciences 1996
  • California Institute of Technology
    • Visiting Associate in Planetary Science and Environ. Engineering Science 1998-Present
    • Lecturer in Planetary Science and Environmental Engineering Science 1998-Present
    • Visiting Associate in Chemical Engineering 1980-1981

Selected Awards
  • NASA Group Achievement Award, PanFTS Instrument Development Team (2012)
  • NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal (2011)
  • NASA Group Achievement Award, TMF NO2 Intercomparison/MOHAVE-II Campaign Teams (2009)
  • NASA Exceptional Service Medal  (2007)
  • NASA Group Achievement Award, Aura Tropospheric Emission Spectrometer Instrument Team and Ground Data System Development Team (2005)

Selected Publications
  1. Wang, S.; Li, K.-F.; Pongetti, T. J.; Sander, S. P.; Yung, Y. L.; Liang, M.-C.; Livesey, N. J.; Santee, M. L.; Harder, J. W.; Snow, M.; Mills, F. P.; Atmospheric OH response to the most recent 11-year solar cycle, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., 2013, 110, 2023-2028.
  2. Zhang, X.; Sander, S. P. and Stanton, J. F.; Detection of the far-IR 12 bending level in propargyl: a complete set of fundamentals for an important radical, J. Phys. Chem. A. 2012, 116, 10338-10343.
  3. Andersen, M. P. S; Nielsen, O. J.; Karpichev, B.; Wallington, T. J. and Sander, S. P.; Atmospheric chemistry of isoflurane, desflurane and sevoflurane: kinetics and mechanism of reactions with chlorine atoms and OH radicals, and global warming potentials, J. Phys. Chem. A., 2012, 116, 5806-5820.
  4. Sprague, M. K.; Garland, E. R.; Mollner, A. K.; Bloss, C.; Bean, B. D.; Weichman, M. L.; Mertens, L. A.; Okumura, M. and Sander, S. P.; Kinetics of n-butoxy and 2-pentoxy isomerization and detection of primary products by infrared cavity ringdown spectroscopy, J. Phys. Chem. A. 2012, 116, 6327-6340.
  5. Andersen, M. P. S.; Nielsen, O. J.; Wallington, T. J., Karpichev, B.; and Sander, S. P.; Assessing the impact on global climate from general anesthetic gases, Anesth. Analg. 2012, 114, 1081-1085.
  6. Andersen, M. P. S.; Waterland, R. L.; Sander, S. P. et al. Atmospheric chemistry of CxF2x+1CH=CH2 (x=1, 2, 4, 6 and 8): Radiative efficiencies and global warming potentials, J. of Photochem. Photobiol. A-Chem. 2012, 233, 50-52.
  7. Saiz-Lopez, A.; Lamarque, J.-F.; Kinnison, D.E.; Tilmez, S.; Ordonez, C.; Orlando, J. J.; Conley, A.J.; Plane, J.M.C.; Mahajan, A.S.; Sousa Santos, G.; Atlas, E.L.; Blake, D.R.; Sander, S.P.; Schauffler, S.; Thompson, A.M. and Brasseur, G.; Estimating the climate significance of halogen-driven ozone loss in the tropical marine atmosphere, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 2012, 12, 3939-3949.
  8. Grieman, F. J.; Noell, A. C.; Davis-Van Atta, C.; Okumura, M. and Sander, S. P.; Determination of equilibrium constants for the reaction between acetone and HO2 using infrared kinetics spectroscopy, J. Phys. Chem. A 2011, 115, 10527-10538.
  9. Zhang, X. and Sander, S. P.; Infrared absorption spectra of CO2/H2O complex in a cryogenic nitrogen matrix  detection of a new bending frequency, J. Phys. Chem. A, 2011, 115, 9854-9860.
  10. Chen, C. M.; Cageao, R. P.; Lawrence, L.; Stutz, J.; Salawitch, R. J.; Jourdain, L.; Li, Q.; and Sander, S. P.; "Diurnal variation of midlatitudinal NO3 column abundance over Table Mountain Facility, California", Atmos. Chem. Phys., 2011, 11, 963-978.

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