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 Table Mountain Research
Table Mountain Facility Image

The Table Mountain Facility (TMF) is a remote, high altitude facility that enables research in atmospheric science, optical communication and astronomy.

The major research areas are directed towards Sun-Earth System science, contributing atmospheric measurements that

  • Test and constrain models of stratospheric ozone depletion by providing key measurements of atmospheric trace species
  • Provide observations to determine and understand the physical and chemical state of the atmosphere as they relate to ozone and climate change
  • Provide observational evidence linking solar variability and atmospheric composition
  • Provide validation data for Earth Science satellites (such as Aura).

Science facilities include

Table Mountain Observatory's 0.6 meter astronomical telescope enables observations, which include

  • High precision astrometry of satellites, asteroids and for spacecraft navigation
  • Confirmation and follow-up observations of potentially hazardous asteroids and comets discovered by Near-Earth Object search programs
  • Physical characterization of asteroids, comets, and planetary satellites that are targets of spacecraft missions or Goldstone/Arecibo radar targets
  • Astronomical research such as volatile transport on Pluto and Triton and follow-up observations of asteroids and comets discovered by the WISE mission,
  • All-Sky Camera for detection of very bright meteors, i.e., bolides.

  • Table Mountain Facility Website
  • Table Mountain Observatory Website

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