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 Ocean Circulation And Air Sea Interaction (329B)
2008 ASTER image of Big Sur, California fire

The “Ocean Circulation and Air-Sea Interaction” group focuses on research related to ocean circulation and its linkages to the climate and the water cycle.  The group provides broad support to NASA for ocean-related satellite missions as well as the development of future mission concepts.

The over-arching science questions the group addresses are:

  • How is the ocean circulation changing on intraseasonal to multi-decadal time scales?
  • What are the ocean’s roles on climate variability such as El Niño-Southern Oscillation and on climate change?
  • How is the ocean circulation linked to the atmospheric, terrestrial, and cryospheric elements of the global water cycle?

Ocean Circulation and Air-Sea Interaction: Missions and Projects

Members of the group support various ocean-related satellite missions including the following:

  • Aquarius – Dedicated to sea surface salinity measurements
  • CYGNSS – Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System
  • GPM  – Global Precipitation Mission
  • GRACE – Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment
  • ISS-RapidScat – Measuring ocean surface vector winds from the International Space Station
  • OSTM/Jason-2 – Ocean Surface Topography Mission
  • SMAP – Soil Moisture Active-Passive
  • SWOT – Surface Water Ocean Topography
  • NISAR - NASA–ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar

The scientific expertise & activities of the group members includes:

  • Ocean circulation dynamics.
  • Air-sea interaction and the roles of the ocean in climate.
  • Linkage of the ocean with the global water cycle.
  • Global ocean modeling and state estimation (e.g., ECCO).
  • Regional ocean data assimilation and forecast.
  • Tsunami modeling and prediction.
  • Satellite retrieval, calibration/validation of ocean surface wind, salinity, temperature, and sea ice.
  • Sea ice observations.
  • Public engagement to promote NASA and JPL.
  • Provide scientific advice to NASA’s Physical Oceanography Distributive Active Archive Center (PO.DAAC)
  • Mentoring NASA DEVELOP Application Program students

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