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Ceres as an Astrobiological Target
Castillo-Rogez, Julie; et. al.
year: 2020doi: 10.1089/ast.2018.1999
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Cascading Dynamics of the Hydrologic Cycle in California Explored through Observations and Model Simulations
Massoud, Elias; Turmon, M; Reager, J; Hobbs, J; Liu and C David, Z
year: 2020doi: 10.3390/geosciences10020071
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Airborne mapping reveals emergent power law of Arctic methane emissions
Elder, CD; Thompson, DR; MIller, CE; et. al.
year: 2020doi: 10.1029/2019GL085707
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GRACE-based mass conservation as a validation target for basin-scale evapotranspiration in the contiguous United States
Pascolini-Campbell, Madeleine; Reager, John T.; Fisher, Joshua B.
year: 2020doi: 10.1029/2019WR026594
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Albedo of Kuiper Belt Object Arrokoth
Hofgartner, Jason D.; Buratti, Bonnie J.; et. al.
year: 2020status: in press
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GNSS-RO Refractivity Bias Correction Under Ducting Layer Using Surface-Reflection Signal
Wang, Kuo-Nung; Ao, Chi; De la Torre Juarez, M
year: 2020doi: 10.3390/rs12030359
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Reduced European aerosol emissions suppress winter extremes over northern Eurasia
Wang, Yuan; Su, Hui; Jiang, Jonathan; et. al.
year: 2020doi: 10.1038/s41558-020-0693-4
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Attribution of Chemistry-Climate Model Initiative CCMI ozone radiative flux bias from satellites
Kuai, Le; Bowman, Kevin; MIyazaki, Kazuyuki; et. al.
year: 2020doi: 10.5194/acp-20-281-2020
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Constraining the Vertical Distribution of Coastal Dust Aerosol Using OCO-2 O2 A-band Measurements
Zeng, Zhao-Cheng; Natraj, Vijay; et. al.
year: 2020doi: 10.1016/j.rse.2019.111494
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An assessment of PBL heights and low cloud profiles in CAM5 and CAM5-CLUBB over the southeast Pacific using satellite observations
Kubar, Terrence; Xie, Feiqin; Ao, Chi; et. al.
year: 2020doi: 10.1029/2019GL084498
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Below-surface water mediates the response of African forests to reduced rainfall
Madani, Nima; Kimball, John; Parazoo, Nickolas; et. al.
year: 2020doi: 10.1088/1748-9326/ab724a
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Analytical Propagation of Runoff Uncertainty into Discharge Uncertainty through a Large River Network
David, Cedric; Hobbs, M; Turmon, M; et. al.
year: 2020status: in review
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. Evaluation of a multi-model, multi-constituent assimilation framework for tropospheric chemical reanalysis
MIayazaki, Kazuyuki; Bowman, Kevin; Yumimoto, K; et. al.
year: 2020doi: 10.5194/acp-20-931-2020
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Atmospheric Pressure Controls Mars Surface Properties
Mischna, Michael A.; Piqueux, S
year: 2020status: in press
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Evolution of Circumpolar Cyclones on Jupiter
Tabataba-Vakili, Fachreddin; Rogers, F; Eichstadt, JH; Orton, G; et. al.
year: 2020doi: 10.1016/j.icarus.2019.113405
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