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Victor  Abrahamsson's Picture
4800 Oak Grove Drive
Pasadena, CA 91109
Email Contact:
Curriculum Vitae:

Victor Abrahamsson

I’m a Caltech Postdoctoral fellow at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. My aim is to develop instruments and methods that can be deployed to icy bodies for the detection of organic molecules that are associated with life. Has there, is there or could there be life on for example Europa? In my work towards this aim, I rely on my background in analytical chemistry with special interest in sample preparation and separation techniques using preferably carbon dioxide as a solvent.

  • Ph.D. in analytical chemistry, Lund University, Lund, Sweden (2016)
  • M.Sc. in chemistry, Linnaeus University, Kalmar, Sweden (2011)

Research Interests
  • Development of instrumentation for in situ detection and analysis of organic compounds on planetary bodies

  • Supercritical fluid extraction and chromatography

Professional Experience
  • Caltech Postdoctoral Scholar, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (2017 – present)

  • Teaching assistant, Lund University, Lund, Sweden (2011-2015)

  • Laboratory engineer, Manpower professional - Tetra Pak Packaging Solutions, Lund, Sweden (2011)

Selected Publications
  • Toraman, H. E., V. Abrahamsson, R. Vanholme, R. Van Acker, F. Ronsse, G. Pilate, W. Boerjan, K. M. Van Geem, G. B. Marin (2018). "Application of Py-GC/MS coupled with PARAFAC2 and PLS-DA to study fast pyrolysis of genetically engineered poplars" Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis: In Press.

  • Abrahamsson, V., F. Jumaah and C. Turner (2018). "Continuous multicomponent detection in supercritical fluid extraction applied to microalgae using in-line UV/Vis spectroscopy and on-line evaporative light scattering detection." Journal of Supercritical Fluids 131: 157-165.

  • Abrahamsson, V., N. Ristic, K. Franz and K. Van Geem (2017). "Comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography in combination with pixel-based analysis for fouling tendency prediction" Journal of Chromatography A 1501: 89-98.

  • Abrahamsson, V., N. Andersson, B. Nilsson and C. Turner (2016). "Method development in inverse modeling applied to supercritical fluid extraction of lipids" The Journal of Supercritical Fluids 111: 14-27.

  • Jumaah, F., M. Plaza, V. Abrahamsson, C. Turner and M. Sandahl (2016). "A fast and sensitive method for the separation of carotenoids using ultra-high performance supercritical fluid chromatography-mass spectrometry" Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 408(21): 5883-5894.

  • Abrahamsson, V., I. Rodriguez-Meizoso and C. Turner (2015). "Supercritical fluid extraction of lipids from linseed with on-line evaporative light scattering detection" Analytica Chimica Acta 853: 320-327.

  • Abrahamsson, V. and M. Sandahl (2013). "Impact of injection solvents on supercritical fluid chromatography" Journal of Chromatography A 1306: 80-88.

  • Plaza, M., V. Abrahamsson and C. Turner (2013). "Extraction and neoformation of antioxidant compounds by pressurized hot water extraction from apple byproducts" Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 61(23): 5500-5510.

  • Abrahamsson, V., I. Rodriguez-Meizoso and C. Turner (2012). "Determination of carotenoids in microalgae using supercritical fluid extraction and chromatography" Journal of Chromatography A 1250: 63-68.

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