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 Terrestrial Hydrology (329F): People
George  Allen's Picture
4800 Oak Grove Drive
Pasadena, CA 91109
Email Contact:

George Allen

George Allen grew up in Northern California and received his bachelor's degree from UC Davis in 2008, where he developed an interest in understanding how tectonics and the water cycle shape landscapes. After a stint teaching English at a university in China, George studied at UNC - Chapel Hill where he graduated with his doctorate in 2017. The title of his dissertation is "Global Quantification and Analysis of Fluvial Geomorphology and Hydrology Using Satellite Remote Sensing." George's research focuses on understanding Earth's river water resources using remote sensing, geospatial analysis, and fieldwork. His work is motivated by a desire to promote the conservation, management, and understanding of surface water resources worldwide.

  • PhD, Geological Sciences, UNC Chapel Hill
  • MS, Geological Sciences, UNC Chapel Hill
  • BS, Geology, UC Davis

Research Interests
  • Remote sensing of terrestrial hydrology
  • Fluvial geomorphology
  • Large-scale hydrology
  • Catchment hydrology

Professional Experience
  • Caltech Postdoctoral Scholar, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, 2017-present
  • Research and Teaching Assistant, UNC Chapel Hill, 2010-2017
  • Instructor, Guangxi Normal University, Guangxi, China, 2010
  • Geochemical Lab Technician, Calera Corporation, Los Gatos, CA, 2009

Selected Awards
  • Paul C. Hardin Dissertation Year Fellowship
  • UNC Royster Society Fellow
  • UNC Future Faculty Fellowship
  • NC Space Grant Graduate Research Fellowship
  • UNC Preston and Mary Martin Graduate Student Research Grant
  • Geological Society of America Graduate Student Research Grant
  • Herbert Stout Award for Innovative Student Papers at 2015 NC GIS Conference
  • UNC Geological Sciences Ingram Graduate Research Award
  • Best Oral Presentation Award at the UNC Anadarko Symposium
  • Best physical sciences talk at the UNC Academic Research Conference

Selected Publications
  1. Altenau, E., Pavelsky, T.M., Moller, D., Lion, C., Pitcher, L., Allen, G.H., Bates, P., Calmant, S., Durand, M., Smith, L., (2017), Novel AirSWOT Measurements of River Height and Slope, Tanana River, AK. Geophysical Research Letters.
  2. Yoon, Y., Beighley, E., Lee, H., Pavelsky, T.M., Allen, G.H., (2015), Estimating Flood Discharges in Reservoir-Regulated River Basins by Integrating Synthetic SWOT Satellite Observations and Hydrologic Modeling. Jour. of Hydrol. Engineering. 21(4), 05015030.
  3. Allen, G.H., Pavelsky, T.M., (2015), Patterns of river width and surface area newly revealed by the satellite-derived North American River Width (NARWidth) data set. Geophysical Research Letters. 42(2), 395-402.
  4. Pavelsky, T.M., Durand, M.T., Andreadis, K.M., Beighley, R.E., Paiva, R.C.D., Allen, G.H., Miller, Z.F., (2014), Assessing the Potential Global Impact of SWOT River Observations. Journal of Hydrology. 519, 1516-1525.
  5. Miller, Z.F., Pavelsky, T.M., and Allen G.H., (2014), Quantifying river form variations in the Mississippi Basin using remotely sensed imagery. H.E.S.S. 18(12), 4883-4895.
  6. Pavelsky, T.M., Allen, G.H., and Miller, Z.F., (2014), Patterns of river width in the Yukon River Basin observed from space, Remote Sensing of the Terrestrial Water Cycle. Geophysical Monograph Series. 159, 131-141.
  7. Allen, G.H., Barnes, J.B., Pavelsky, T.M., Kirby, E., (2013), Lithologic and tectonic controls on bedrock channel form at the northwest Himalayan front. Journal of Geophysical Research. 188(3), 1806-1825.

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