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 Carbon Cycle And Ecosystems: People
Joshua  Fisher's Picture
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
M/S 233-305C
4800 Oak Grove Drive
Pasadena, CA 91109
Curriculum Vitae:

Joshua Fisher
Science Lead, ECOSTRESS Mission

  • Post-Doctoral Research Associate, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK (2008)
  • Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, USA (2006)
  • B.S., University of California, Berkeley, USA (2001)


ECOSTRESS (ECOsystem Spaceborne Thermal Radiometer Experiment on Space Station) Icon ECOSTRESS (ECOsystem Spaceborne Thermal Radiometer Experiment on Space Station)
The ECOsystem Spaceborne Thermal Radiometer on Space Station (ECOSTRESS) mission will study how the worlds ecosystems use water..

SMAP - Soil Moisture Active Passive Icon SMAP - Soil Moisture Active Passive
The Soil Moisture Active Passive mission provides measurements of soil moisture, freeze/thaw state, as well as sea surface salinity and ocean wind.

CARVE (Carbon in Arctic Reservoirs Vulnerability Experiment) Icon CARVE (Carbon in Arctic Reservoirs Vulnerability Experiment)
CARVE is an airborne mission to measure CO2 and CH4 fluxes from Alaska.

ABoVE (Arctic Boreal Vulnerability Experiment ) Icon ABoVE (Arctic Boreal Vulnerability Experiment )
The Arctic Boreal Vulnerability Experiment (ABoVE) is a proposed NASA field campaign focusing on understanding the Arctic-Boreal environment.

NASA Carbon Cycle Science (CARBON) Icon NASA Carbon Cycle Science (CARBON)
Multi-scale Synthesis and Terrestrial Model Intercomparison Project (MsTMIP) Phase II

CMS Flux (Carbon Monitoring System Flux) Icon CMS Flux (Carbon Monitoring System Flux)
Carbon Monitoring System Flux (CMS Flux) incorporates the full suite of NASA observational, modeling, and assimilation capabilities to attribute CO2 climate forcing to spatially resolved emissions.

SERVIR aims to advance and transition NASA capabilities towards critical regions around the world.

DOE Terrestrial Ecosystem Science Icon DOE Terrestrial Ecosystem Science
DOE Terrestrial Ecosystem Science seeks to improve the representation of terrestrial ecosystem processes in Earth system models thereby improving the quality of climate model projections.

NSF Ecosystem Science Icon NSF Ecosystem Science
A Belowground Framework for Predicting How Plant-Microbe Interactions Couple Carbon and Nutrient Economies of Forests.

NSF Geography and Spatial Sciences (GSS) Icon NSF Geography and Spatial Sciences (GSS)
Links Between Long-Term Soil Carbon Storage and Canopy Properties in Tropical Wet Forests

JIFRESSE is a scientific collaboration between UCLA and JPL to improve understanding and to develop future projections about global climate change.

Professional Experience
  • Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology (2010-Present)
    • Science Lead, ECOSTRESS Mission
    • Research Scientist - Carbon Cycle & Ecosystems Group
  • University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
    • Project Scientist - Joint Institute for Regional Earth System Science and Engineering (JIFRESSE)
  • University of Oxford, Environmental Change Institute, School of Geography & Environment (2008-2009), Departmental Lecturer and Research Fellow
  • NASA Ames Research Center, Office of Safety, Environmental and Mission Assurance San Jose State University, Department of Environmental Studies (2003 - 2005), GIS Consultant
  • NASA Ames Research Center, Office of Safety, Environmental and Mission Assurance (2003), Environmental Protection Specialist
  • United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA), Region 9: Air Division 1 (2001 - 2002)

Selected Awards
  • Highly Cited Researchers 2018 and 2019, Clarivate Analytics (2018, 2019)
  • NASA Team Award, ECOSTRESS Payload Development Team (2019)
  • JPL Team Award (8X), ECOSTRESS (2018, 2019)
  • Voyager Award, ECOSTRESS (2015)
  • JPL Team Award (32), ECOSTRESS (2014)
  • NASA Group Achievement Award, Carbon Monitoring System Flux Pilot Project Team (2013)
  • JPL Team Award (8000), Water Cycle Workshop (2013)
  • JPL Team Award (324), Water Cycle Workshop (2012)
  • JPL Team Award (324), Carbon Monitoring System (2012)
  • JPL Team Award (324), CARVE (2012)
  • JPL Team Award (388), CARVE (2012)
  • JPL Team Award (324), SMAP Science Cal/Val (2010)

Selected Publications
    Selected Publications (35 of >150)
  1. Fisher, J.B., et al., 2020. ECOSTRESS: NASA's next generation mission to measure evapotranspiration from the International Space Station. Water Resources Research 56(4): 1-20.
  2. Fisher, J.B., et al., 2020. Competing effects of soil fertility and toxicity on tropical greening. Scientific Reports: 10(6725): 1-10.
  3. Terrer, C., ..., Fisher, J.B., et al., 2019. Nitrogen and phosphorus constrain the CO2 fertilization of global plant biomass. Nature Climate Change 9: 684-689.
  4. Liu, Y., ..., Fisher, J.B., et al., 2019. Field-experiment constraints on the enhancement of the terrestrial carbon sink by CO2 fertilisation. Nature Geoscience: 10.1038/s41561-019-0436-1.
  5. Soudzilovskaia, N.A., ..., Fisher, J.B., et al., 2019. Global mycorrhizal plants distribution linked to terrestrial carbon stocks. Nature Communications 10(5077): 1-10.
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