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 Planetary And Exoplanetary Atmospheres (3222): People
Anthony  Lethuillier-Letoquin's Picture
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
M/S 183-601
4800 Oak Grove Drive
Pasadena, CA 91109
Email Contact:
Curriculum Vitae:

Anthony Lethuillier-Letoquin

Anthony is a post-doctoral researcher in the Planetary And Exoplanetary Atmospheres group at JPL where he is currently working on analyzing the data of the MIRO/Rosetta instrument to try to understand the subsurface properties of the 67P/C-G comet. Throughout his PhD, as CO-I of the PP-SESAME/Rosetta permittivity probe instrument, he worked on constraining the physical properties of the final landing site of the Philae probe. Finally, he also worked on a reanalysis of the results of the PWA-HASI instrument with the help of numerical simulations and laboratory measurements of analogs. Anthony has a special interest in scientific outreach most notably volunteering on the French National Day of Science and helping to organize the Elbereth conference held at the Paris Astrophysics Institute.

  • PhD Astronomy & Astrophysics, LATMOS, France, 2016
  • Masters in Planetology, Université Paris-Sud, France, 2013

Research Interests
  • Origins and evolution of the Solar System
  • Subsurface properties of planetary objects
  • Laboratory dielectric spectroscopy of materials relevant to planetary exploration
  • Space instrumentation (mutual impedance probes, microwave radiometers, radars)


Rosetta Icon Rosetta
The Rosetta mission is designed to study the origin of comets, the relationship between cometary and interstellar material and its implications with regard to the origin of the Solar System.

MIRO (Microwave Instrument for the Rosetta Orbiter) is a scientific instrument on the ROSETTA Spacecraft.

Professional Experience
  • Postdoctoral Researcher, JPL- Caltech, USA, 2017-Present
  • Postdoctoral Researcher, LATMOS, France, 2016-2017

Selected Awards
  • 2014 Grant from the Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES) to participate in the Alpbach 2014 summer School.
  • 2013 Grant from the Ile-de-France region to pursue, in the frame of a 3-year PhD, the study of permittivity probes used to sound planetary subsurfaces.

Selected Publications
  1. 2017 A. Lethuillier, A. Le Gall, M. Hamelin, V. Ciarletti, S. Caujolle-Bert, N. Carrasco, G. Cernogora, C. Szopa, Low frequency electrical properties of tholins and derived constraints on the Huygens landing site composition, (submitted).
  2. 2016 Y. Brouet, A.C. Levasseur-Regourd, P. Sabouroux, L. Neves, P. Encrenaz, O.Poch, A. Pommerol, N. Thomas, W. Kofman, A. Le Gall, V. Ciarletti A. Herique, A. Lethuillier, N. Carrasco and C. Szopa. A porosity gradient in 67P/C-G nucleus suggested from CONSERT and SESAME-PP results: an interpretation based on new laboratory permittivity measurements of porous icy analogue. In MNRAS 462, S89-S98,
  3. 2016 A. Lethuillier, A. Le Gall, M. Hamelin, W. Schmidt, K.J. Seidensticker, R. Grard, V. Ciarletti, S. Caujolle-Bert, H-H. Fischer, R. Trautner, Electrical properties and porosity of the first meter of 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko’s nucleus, in Astronomy and Astrophysics 591, A32,
  4. 2016 M. Hamelin, A. Lethuillier, A. Le Gall, R. Grard, C. Béghin, K. Schwingenschuh, I. Jernej, J-J. López-Moreno, V. Brown, R. D. Lorenz, F. Ferri, V. Ciarletti, The electrical properties of Titan’s surface at the Huygens landing site measured with the PWA–HASI Mutual Impedance Probe. New approach and new findings, in Icarus 270, 272-290,

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