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 Earth Surface And Interior (329A): People
Cunren  Liang's Picture
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
M/S 300-233
4800 Oak Grove Drive
Pasadena, CA 91109
Email Contact:

Cunren Liang

  • Ph.D., Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Peking University (2014)
  • B.S., Geomatics, Shandong University of Science and Technology (2008)

Research Interests
  • InSAR and its geoscience applications

Professional Experience
  • NASA Postdoctoral Program Fellow, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology (2015-present)

Selected Awards
  • JPL Outstanding Postdoctoral Research Award (2017)
  • NASA Group Achievement Award (2016)
  • NPP Fellowship (2014)

Selected Publications
  1. K. Chen, Z. Liu, C. Liang, and Y. T. Song, "The 24th August 2016 Mw 6.1 Italy earthquake from combined seismogeodetic and InSAR inversion," Geophysical Journal International, in revision.
  2. H. Yue, Z. Ross, C. Liang, M. Simons, H. Fattahi, E. Fielding, A. Moore, Z. Liu, S. Michel, and H. Kanamori, "2016 Kumamoto Mw = 7.2 earthquake: a significant event in the fault-volcano system," Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, revised.
  3. C. Liang, E. J. Fielding, and M.-H. Huang, "Estimating azimuth offset with double-difference interferometric phase: The effect of azimuth FM rate error in focusing," IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, DOI: 10.1109/TGRS.2017.2737955
  4. H. Yue, M. Simons, Z. Duputel, J. Jiang, E. Fielding, C. Liang, S. Owen, A. Moore, B. Riel, J. P. Ampuero, and S. V. Samsonov, "Depth varying rupture properties during the 2015 Mw 7.8 Gorkha (Nepal) earthquake," Tectonophysics, DOI: j.tecto.2016.07.005
  5. C. Liang and E. J. Fielding, "Interferometry with ALOS-2 full-aperture ScanSAR data," IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, vol. 55, no. 5, pp. 2739-2750, May 2017.
  6. C. Liang and E. J. Fielding, "Measuring azimuth deformation with L-band ALOS-2 ScanSAR interferometry," IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, vol. 55, no. 5, pp. 2725-2738, May 2017.
  7. I. J. Hamling, S. Hreinsdóttir, K. Clark, J. Elliott, C. Liang, E. Fielding, N. Litchfield, P. Villamor, L. Wallace, T. J. Wright, E. D'Anastasio, S. Bannister, D. Burbidge, P. Denys, P. Gentle, J. Howarth, C. Mueller, N. Palmer, C. Pearson, W. Power, P. Barnes, D. J. A. Barrell, R. Van Dissen, R. Langridge, T. Little, A. Nicol, J. Pettinga, J. Rowland, and M. Stirling, "Complex multi-fault rupture during the 2016 Mw 7.8 Kaikōura earthquake, New Zealand," Science, vol. 356, no. 6334, Apr. 2017. (Cover story)
  8. D. Melgar, A. Ganas, J. Geng, C. Liang, E. J. Fielding, and I. Kassaras, "Source characteristics of the 2015 Mw6.5 Lefkada, Greece, strike-slip earthquake," Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, vol. 122, no. 3, pp. 2260-2273, Mar. 2017.
  9. S. Sangha, G. Peltzer, A. Zhang, L. Meng, C. Liang, P. Lundgren, and E. Fielding, "Fault geometry of 2015, Mw7.2 Murghab, Tajikistan earthquake controls rupture propagation: Insights from InSAR and seismological data," Earth and Planetary Science Letters, vol. 462, pp. 132-141, Mar. 2017.
  10. M.-H. Huang, E. J. Fielding,C. Liang, P. Milillo, D. Bekaert, D. Dreger, and J. Salzer, "Coseismic deformation and triggered landslides of the 2016 Mw 6.2 Amatrice earthquake in Italy," Geophys. Res. Lett., vol. 44, no. 3, pp. 1266-1274, Feb. 2017.
  11. C. Liang and E. J. Fielding, "Interferometric processing of ScanSAR data using stripmap processor: New insights from coregistration," IEEE Trans. Geosci. Remote Sens., vol. 54, no. 7, pp. 4343-4354, Jul. 2016.
  12. M.-H. Huang, H. Tung, E. J. Fielding, H.-H. Huang, C. Liang, C. Huang, and J.-C. Hu, "Multiple fault slip triggered above the 2016 Mw 6.4 MeiNong earthquake in Taiwan," Geophys. Res. Lett., vol. 43, no. 14, pp. 7459-7467, Jul. 2016.
  13. D. Melgar, W. Fan, S. Riquelme, J. Geng, C. Liang, M. Fuentes, G. Vargas, R. M. Allen, P. M. Shearer, and E. J. Fielding, "Slip segmentation and slow rupture to the trench during the 2015, Mw8.3 Illapel, Chile earthquake," Geophys. Res. Lett., vol. 43, no. 3, pp. 961-966, Feb. 2016.
  14. S.-H. Yun, K. Hudnut, S. Owen, F. Webb, M. Simons, P. Sacco, E. Gurrola, G. Manipon,C. Liang, E. Fielding, P. Milillo, H. Hua, and A. Coletta, "Rapid damage mapping for the 2015 Mw 7.8 Gorkha earthquake using synthetic aperture radar data from COSMO-SkyMed and ALOS-2 satellites," Seismol. Res. Lett., vol. 86, no. 6, pp. 1549-1556, Nov./Dec. 2015.
  15. C. Liang, Q. Zeng, and J. Jiao, "An assessment of ScanSAR interferometric processing using full-aperture approach," IEEE Geosci. Remote Sens. Lett., vol. 11, no. 9, pp. 1559-1563, Sep. 2014.
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  19. C. Liang, Q. Zeng, J. Jia, J. Jiao, and X. Cui, "ScanSAR interferometric processing using existing standard InSAR software for measuring large scale land deformation," Comput. Geosci., vol. 51, pp. 439-448, Feb. 2013

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