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Amy Mainzer's Picture
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
M/S 264-723
4800 Oak Grove Drive
Pasadena, CA 91109

Amy Mainzer
WISE Deputy Project Scientist

  • B.S. in Physics, Stanford University, with honors (1995)
  • M.S. in Astronomy, California Institute of Technology (2001)
  • Ph.D. in Astronomy, University of California, Los Angeles (2003)

Research Interests
  • Asteroids, brown dwarfs, planetary atmospheres, debris disks, star formation
  • Design and construction of novel instrumentation for ground and space


Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) is a four-channel, super-cooled infrared telescope designed to survey the entire sky with 1,000 times more sensitivity than previous infrared missions.

Spitzer Icon Spitzer
The Spitzer Space Telescope (formerly SIRTF, the Space Infrared Telescope Facility) was launched into space by a Delta rocket from Cape Canaveral, Florida on 25 August 2003.

Professional Experience
  • Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Astrophysics and Space Sciences Section (2003-present)
    • Principal Scientist (2012-Present)
    • Principal Investigator, Near Earth Object Camera (NEOCam), a proposed Discovery mission selected for technology development funding in 2011
    • Deputy Project Scientist, Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE)
    • Principal Investigator, NEOWISE, an enhancement to the WISE data processing pipeline that will facilitate solar system science, including discovery of new asteroids with WISE
  • Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Center (1995-2003)
    • Principal Investigator, Pointing Calibration & Reference Sensor (PCRS) for Spitzer Space Telescope. The PCRS is the Observatory's fine guidance sensor, and it has been operational on-orbit since 2003.

Selected Awards
  • NASA Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal (2012)
  • NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal (2011)
  • Numerous group achievement awards for Spitzer, WISE, NEOWISE
  • Lew Allen Award for Excellence (2010)
  • JPL Ranger Award (2008 and 2011)
  • NASA Graduate Student Research Program Fellowship (2001-2003)
  • National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship (1996-1999)

    Selected Publications
    1. Mainzer, A.; Grav, T.; Masiero, J.; Bauer, J.; McMillan, R. S.; Giorgini, J.; Spahr, T.; Cutri, R. M.; Tholen, D. J.; Jedicke, R.; Walker, R.; Wright, E.; Nugent, C. R. "Characterizing Subpopulations within the near-Earth Objects with NEOWISE: Preliminary Results" 2012 ApJ 752, 110.
    2. Bauer, James M.; Mainzer, A. K.; Grav, Tommy; Walker, Russell G.; Masiero, Joseph R.; Blauvelt, Erin K.; McMillan, Robert S.; Fernández, Yan R.; Meech, Karen J.; Lisse, Carey M.; and 15 coauthors. "WISE/NEOWISE Observations of Active Bodies in the Main Belt" 2012 ApJ 747, 49.
    3. Mainzer, A.; Masiero, J.; Grav, T.; Bauer, J.; Tholen, D. J.; McMillan, R. S.; Wright, E.; Spahr, T.; Cutri, R. M.; Walker, R.; Mo, W.; Watkins, J.; Hand, E.; Maleszewski, C. "NEOWISE Studies of Asteroids with Sloan Photometry: Preliminary Results" 2012 ApJ 745, 7.
    4. Grav, T.; Mainzer, A. K.; Bauer, J.; Masiero, J.; Spahr, T.; McMillan, R. S.; Walker, R.; Cutri, R.; Wright, E.; Eisenhardt, P. R.; and 7 coauthors. "WISE/NEOWISE Observations of the Hilda Population: Preliminary Results" 2012 ApJ 744, 197.
    5. Kirkpatrick, J. Davy; Cushing, Michael C.; Gelino, Christopher R.; Griffith, Roger L.; Skrutskie, Michael F.; Marsh, Kenneth A.; Wright, Edward L.; Mainzer, A.; Eisenhardt, Peter R.; McLean, Ian S.; and 31 coauthors. "The First Hundred Brown Dwarfs Discovered by the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE)" 2011 ApJS 197, 19.
    6. Mainzer, A.; Grav, T.; Bauer, J.; Masiero, J.; McMillan, R. S.; Cutri, R. M.; Walker, R.; Wright, E.; Eisenhardt, P.; Tholen, D. J.; and 27 coauthors. "NEOWISE Observations of Near-Earth Objects: Preliminary Results" 2011 ApJ 743, 15.
    7. Cushing, Michael C.; Kirkpatrick, J. Davy; Gelino, Christopher R.; Griffith, Roger L.; Skrutskie, Michael F.; Mainzer, A.; Marsh, Kenneth A.; Beichman, Charles A.; Burgasser, Adam J.; Prato, Lisa A.; Simcoe, Robert A.; Marley, Mark S.; Saumon, D.; Freedman, Richard S.; Eisenhardt, Peter R.; Wright, Edward L. "The Discovery of Y Dwarfs using Data from the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE)" 2011 ApJ 743, 50.
    8. Mainzer, A.; Grav, T.; Masiero, J.; Hand, E.; Bauer, J.; Tholen, D.; McMillan, R. S.; Spahr, T.; Cutri, R. M.; Wright, E.; and 3 coauthors. "NEOWISE Studies of Spectrophotometrically Classified Asteroids: Preliminary Results" 2011 ApJ 741, 90.
    9. Masiero, Joseph R.;Mainzer, A. K.; Grav, T.; Bauer, J. M.; Cutri, R. M.; Dailey, J.; Eisenhardt, P. R. M.; McMillan, R. S.; Spahr, T. B.; Skrutskie, M. F.; and 8 coauthors. "Main Belt Asteroids with WISE/NEOWISE. I. Preliminary Albedos and Diameters" 2011 ApJ 741, 68.
    10. Bauer, James M.; Walker, Russell G.; Mainzer, A. K.; Masiero, Joseph R.; Grav, Tommy; Dailey, John W.; McMillan, Robert S.; Lisse, Carey M.; Fernández, Yan R.; Meech, Karen J.; and 12 coauthors. "WISE/NEOWISE Observations of Comet 103P/Hartley 2" 2011 ApJ 738, 17.
    11. Mainzer, A.; Grav, T.; Masiero, J.; Bauer, J.; Wright, E.; Cutri, R. M.; McMillan, R. S.; Cohen, M.; Ressler, M.; Eisenhardt, P. "Thermal Model Calibration for Minor Planets Observed with Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer/NEOWISE" 2011 ApJ 736, 100.
    12. Mainzer, A.; Cushing, Michael C.; Skrutskie, M.; Gelino, C. R.; Kirkpatrick, J. Davy; Jarrett, T.; Masci, F.; Marley, Mark S.; Saumon, D.; Wright, E.; and 10 coauthors. "The First Ultra-cool Brown Dwarf Discovered by the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer" 2011 ApJ 726, 30.
    13. Mainzer, A.; Bauer, J.; Grav, T.; Masiero, J.; Cutri, R. M.; Dailey, J.; Eisenhardt, P.; McMillan, R. S.; Wright, E.; Walker, R.; and 25 coauthors. "Preliminary Results from NEOWISE: An Enhancement to the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer for Solar System Science" 2011 ApJ 731, 53.
    14. Mainzer, Amy; Larsen, Mark; Stapelbroek, Maryn G.; Hogue, Henry; Garnett, James; Zandian, Majid; Mattson, Reed; Masterjohn, Stacy; Livingston, John; Lingner, Nicole; and 3 coauthors. "Characterization of flight detector arrays for the wide-field infrared survey explorer" 2008 SPIE 7021, 27.
    15. Mainzer, A. K.; Roellig, Thomas L.; Saumon, D.; Marley, Mark S.; Cushing, Michael C.; Sloan, G. C.; Kirkpatrick, J. Davy; Leggett, S. K.; Wilson, John C. "Moderate-Resolution Spitzer Infrared Spectrograph Observations of M, L, and T Dwarfs" 2007 ApJ 662, 1245.

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