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Lluis Mas-Ribas

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4800 Oak Grove Drive

Pasadena, CA 91109

Curriculum Vitae:

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Member of:

Structure of the Universe


  • Masters in Barcelona (Catalunya), working on metal-line detections in quasar spectra
  • PhD in Oslo (Norway), working on galaxy formation¬† and evolution, high-redshift universe, epoch of reionization and radiative processes


  • PhD in Astrophysics in Norway
  • Masters in Particle physics and gravitation in Barcelona

Professional Experience

  • Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics - University of Oslo

Research Interests

  • Merging theoretical¬† astrophysics and radiative processes with the cosmological formalism of large-scale intensity mapping

Selected Publications

  1. Mas-Ribas, Ll. & Chang, T.- C. "Lyman- Polarization Intensity Mapping". PhRvD.101h3032M (2020)
  2. Chang, T.- C. et al., including Mas-Ribas, Ll.. "Tomography of the Cosmic Dawn and Reionization Eras with Multiple Tracers". BAAS 51c, 282C (2019)
  3. Mas-Ribas, Ll . "Radiation-Pressure Waves and Multiphase Quasar Outflows". ApJ 885, 95M (2019)
  4. Mas-Ribas, Ll . & Mauland, R. "The Ubiquitous Imprint of Radiative Acceleration in the Mean Absorption Spectrum of Quasar Outflows" ApJ 886, 151M (2019)
  5. Arinyo-i-Prats, A. et al., including Mas-Ribas, Ll.. "A metal-line Strength Indicator for Damped Lyman Alpha Systems at Low Signal-to-noise" MNRAS.481.3921A (2018)
  6. Perez-Rafols, I. et al., including Mas-Ribas, Ll.. "The Cosmological Bias Factor of Damped Lyman Alpha Systems : Dependence on Metal-Line Strength" MNRAS.480.4702P (2018)
  7. Mas-Ribas, Ll . et al. "Origin of Metals around Galaxies I : Catalogs of metal-line absorption doublets from high-resolution quasar spectra" ApJ 862, 50M (2018)
  8. Mas-Ribas, Ll . & Hennawi, J. F. "Revealing the Warm and Hot Halo Baryons via Scattering of Quasar Light" AJ 156, 66M (2018)
  9. Perez-Rafols, I. et al., including Mas-Ribas, Ll. . "The SDSS-DR12 large-scale cross-correlation of Damped Lyman Alpha Systems with the Lyman Alpha Forest" MNRAS.473.3019P (2018)
  10. Mas-Ribas, Ll . et al. "Small-scale Intensity Mapping : Extended Halos as a Probe of the Ionizing Escape Fraction and Faint Galaxy Populations during Reionization" ApJ 846, 11M (2017)
  11. Mas-Ribas, Ll . et al. "The Mean Metal-line Absorption Spectrum of Damped Ly Systems in BOSS" ApJ 846, 4M (2017)
  12. Schauer, A. et al., including Mas-Ribas, Ll . "Lyman-Werner escape fractions from the first galaxies" MNRAS.467.2288S (2017)
  13. Mas-Ribas, Ll . et al. "Small-scale Intensity Mapping : Extended Ly , H , and Continuum Emission as a Probe of Halo Star Formation in High-redshift Galaxies" ApJ 841, 19M (2017)
  14. Mas-Ribas, Ll . et al. "Boosting Ly and He II 1640 Line Fluxes from Population III Galaxies : Stochastic IMF Sampling and Departures from Case-B" ApJ 833, 65M (2016)
  15. Geach, J. E. et al., including Mas-Ribas, Ll . "ALMA Observations of Ly Blob 1 : Halo Substructure Illuminated from Within" ApJ 832, 37G (2016)
  16. Mas-Ribas, Ll . & Dijkstra, M. "On the Contribution of Fluorescence to Ly Halos around Star-Forming Galaxies" ApJ 822, 84M (2016)