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 Asteroids, Comets & Satellites (3224): People
Joseph  Masiero's Picture
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
M/S 183-601
4800 Oak Grove Drive
Pasadena, CA 91109
(818) 393-5614
(818) 393-6236
Email Contact:
Curriculum Vitae:

Joseph Masiero

  • Ph.D., Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, HI USA, (2009)
  • B.S., Astronomy & Astrophysics, The Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA USA, (2004)

Research Interests
  • Asteroid physical properties
  • Asteroid families
  • Numerical simulations of Solar system evolution
  • Imaging polarimetry
  • Thermal models of Solar system objects
  • Polarimetric instrumentation and characterization
  • Education & public outreach


Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) is a four-channel, super-cooled infrared telescope designed to survey the entire sky with 1,000 times more sensitivity than previous infrared missions.

The NEOWISE project is the asteroid-hunting portion of the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) mission. NEOWISE harvests measurements of asteroids and comets from the WISE images and provides a rich archive for searching WISE data for solar...

NEOcam Icon NEOcam
The Near-Earth Object Camera (NEOCam) is a new mission proposal designed to discover and characterize most of the potentially hazardous asteroids that are near the Earth.

Professional Experience
  • Deputy PI - NEOWISE: 2017-present
  • JPL Scientist (2012-present)
  • NASA Postdoctoral Fellow, Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer, JPL (2009-2012)
  • Research Assistant, Institute for Astronomy, UH (2005-2009)
  • Teaching Assistant, Dept of Physics and Astronomy, UH (2004-2005)
  • Research Assistant, Dept of Astronomy & Astrophysics, PSU (2001-2004) (2001)

Selected Awards
  • Asteroid 8255 Masiero (1981 EZ18) named in honor
  • 4 JPL Team Awards, NEOWISE and NEOCam, 2016-2017
  • NASA Early Career Public Achievement Medal 2016
  • 2 NASA Group Achievement Awards: 2012-2016
  • JPL Voyager Award: NEOWISE scientific analysis 2015
  • JPL Science Division Mariner Award: NEOWISE restart 2014
  • Honorary Officer, NASA's First Planetary Defense Squadron (Provisional) 2011
  • NASA Postdoctoral Program Fellowship 2009 - 2012
  • Penn State Eberly College of Science Braddock Scholar 2000 - 2004

Selected Publications
  1. Masiero, J., "Palomar Optical Spectrum of Hyperbolic Near-Earth Object A/2017 U1". 2017, arXiv:1710.09977.
  2. Masiero, J.; Nugent, C.; Mainzer, A.; et al., "NEOWISE Reactivation Mission Year Three: Asteroid Diameters and Albedos". 2017, AJ, 145, 168.
  3. Bauer, J.M.; Stevenson, R.; Kramer, E.; Mainzer, A.; Grav, T.; Masiero, J.; et al.; "The NEOWISE-discovered comet population and the CO+CO2 production rates''. 2015, ApJ, in press.
  4. Kaluna, H.; Masiero, J.; Meech, K.; "Space weathering trends among carbonaceous asteroids''. 2015, ApJ, in press.
  5. Nugent, C.; Mainzer, A.; Masiero, J.; Bauer, J.; Cutri, R.M.; et al.; "NEOWISE Reactivation Mission Year One: Preliminary Asteroid Diameters and Albedos''. 2015, ApJ, in press.
  6. Masiero, J.; Carruba, V.; Mainzer, A.; Bauer, J.M.; Nugent, C.; "A new source for low albedo near-Earth objects''. 2015, ApJ, 809, 179.
  7. Grav, T.; Bauer, J.M.; Mainzer, A.K.; Masiero, J.; Nugent, C.R.; Cutri, R.M.; Sonnett, S.; Kramer, E.; "NEOWISE: Observations of the Irregular Satellites of Jupiter and Saturn". 2015, ApJ, 809, 3.
  8. Buratti, B.; Hicks, M.D.; Dalba, P.A.; Chu, D.; O'Neill, A.; Hillier, J.K.; Masiero, J.; Banholzer, S.; Rhoades, H.; "Photometry of Pluto 2008-2014: Evidence of Ongoing Seasonal Volatile Transport and Activity''. 2015, ApJL, 804, 6.
  9. Masiero, J.R.; DeMeo, F.; Kasuga, T.; Parker, A.H.; “Asteroid Family Physical Proper-ties". 2015, Asteroids IV (eds. P. Michel, F. DeMeo, W.F. Bottke), University of Arizona Press, in press.
  10. Mainzer, A.; Grav, T.; Bauer, J.; Conrow, T.; Cutri, R.M.; Dailey, J.; Fowler, J.; Giorgini, J.; Jarrett, T.; Masiero, J.; et al.; “Survey Simulations of a New Near-Earth Asteroid Detection System". 2015, AJ, in press.
  11. Sonnett, S.; Mainzer, A.; Grav, T.; Masiero, J.; Bauer, J.; “Binary Candidates in the Jovian Trojan and Hilda populations from NEOWISE lightcurves". 2015, ApJ, in press.
  12. Mainzer, A.; Bauer, J.; Cutri, R.; Grav, T.; Masiero, J.; et al.; “Initial performance of the NEOWISE Reactivation Mission". 2014, ApJ, 792, 30.
  13. Masiero, J.R.; Grav, T.; Mainzer, A.K.; Nugent, C.R.; Bauer, J.M; Stevenson, R.; Sonnett, S.; “Main-belt Asteroids with WISE/NEOWISE: Near-Infrared Albedos". 2014, ApJ, 791, 121.
  14. Stevenson, R.; Bauer, J.; Kramer, E.; Grav, T.; Mainzer, A.; & Masiero, J.; “Lingering grains of truth around comet 17P/Holmes". 2014, ApJ, 787, 116.
  15. Mainzer, A.; Bauer, J.; Grav, T.; Masiero, J.; et al.; “The Population of Tiny Near-Earth Objects Observed by NEOWISE". 2014, ApJ, 784, 110.
  16. Ganguly, R.; Lynch, R.S.; Charlton, J.C.; ...; Masiero, J.R. ; et al.; "A census of quasar-intrinsic absorption in the Hubble Space Telescope archive: systems from high-resolution echelle spectra" . 2013, MNRAS, in press.
  17. Bauer, J.M.; Grav, T.; Blauvelt, E.; Mainzer, A.K.; Masiero, J.R. ; Stevenson, R.; et al.; "Centaurs and Scattered Disk Objects in the Thermal Infrared: Analysis of WISE/NEOWISE Observations". 2013, ApJ, 773, 22.
  18. Masiero, J.R.; Mainzer, A.K.; Bauer, J.M; Grav, T.; Nugent, C.R.; Stevenson, R.; "Asteroid Family Identication Using the Hierarchical Clustering Method and WISE/NEOWISE Physical Properties" . 2013, ApJ, 770, 7.
  19. Herenz, P.; Richter, P.; Charlton, J.C.; Masiero, J.R.; "The Milky Way halo as a QSO absorption-line system. New results from an HST/STIS absorption-line catalogue of Galactic high-velocity clouds". 2013, A&A, 550, A87.
  20. Mainzer, A.; Grav, T.; Masiero, J.R.; Bauer, J.; et al.; Physical Parameters of Asteroids Estimated from the WISE 3 Band Data and NEOWISE Post-Cryogenic Survey". 2012, ApJL, 706, 12.
  21. Stevenson, R.; Kramer, E.A.; Bauer, J.M; Masiero, J.R.; Mainzer A.; Characterization of Active Main Belt Object P/2012 F5 (Gibbs): A Possible Impacted Asteroid". 2012, ApJ, 759, 142.2
  22. Masiero, J.R.; Mainzer A.; Grav, T.; Bauer, J.; Nugent, C.; Cabrera, M.S.; Preliminary Analysis of WISE/NEOWISE 3-Band Cryogenic and Post-Cryogenic Observations of Main Belt Asteroids". 2012, ApJL, 759, 8.
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  25. Bauer, J.M.; Kramer, E., Mainzer, A.K.; Stevenson, R., Grav, T.; Masiero, J.; et al. WISE/NEOWISE Preliminary Analysis and Highlights of the 67p/Churyumov-Gerasimenko near Nucleus Environs". 2012, ApJ, 758, 18.
  26. Nugent, C.; Mainzer, A.; Masiero, J.; Grav, T.; Bauer, J.; "The Yarkovsky Drift's Inuence on NEAs: Trends and Predictions with NEOWISE Measurements". 2012, AJ, 144, 75.
  27. Mainzer, A.; Grav, T.; Masiero, J.; Bauer, J.; et al; "Characterizing Subpopulations within the near-Earth Objects with NEOWISE: Preliminary Results". 2012, ApJ, 752, 110.
  28. Masiero, J.; Mainzer, A.; Grav, T.; et al; "A revised asteroid polarization-albedo relationship using WISE/NEOWISE data". 2012, ApJ, 749, 104.
  29. Mainzer, A.; Bauer, J.; Grav, T.; Masiero, J.; et al; Preliminary Results from NEOWISE: An Enhancement to the Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer for Solar System Science". 2011, ApJ, 731, 53.
  30. Masiero, J. "Albedo heterogeneity on the surface of (1943) Anteros". 2010, Icarus, 207, 795.
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  33. Masiero, J.; Cellino, A."Polarization of asteroid (387) Aquitania: the newest member of a class of large inversion angle asteroids". 2009, Icarus, 199, 333.
  34. Masiero, J.; Hodapp, K.; Harrington, D.; Lin, H. "Commissioning of the Dual-Beam Imaging Polarimeter for the UH 88-inch telescope". 2007, PASP, 119, 1126.
  35. Masiero, Joseph R.; Charlton, Jane C.; Ding, J.; Churchill, ChristopherW.; and Kacprzak, G. "Models of Five Absorption Line Systems Along the Line of Sight Toward PG 0117+213." 2005, ApJ, 623, 57.

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