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 Origin of the Universe (3268): People
Anna  Nierenberg's Picture
4800 Oak Grove Drive
Pasadena, CA 91109
Curriculum Vitae:

Anna Nierenberg

Born in Sacramento, lived in Bay Area from ages 6-14, then San Diego 14-18.


B.S. in physics from UCLA in 2008, PhD. In physics from UCSB 2014

Research Interests

Testing CDM by measuring the halo mass function with strong gravitational lensing, understanding how galaxies form in very low mass halos.

Professional Experience

PhD. UCSB in 2014, CCAPP postdoctoral fellow at The Ohio State University 2014-2017, University of California Chancellor's Fellow 2017-2018

Selected Awards
  • UCSB Physics Chair's fellowship
  • UC Deans Fellowship
  • CCAPP postdoctoral fellowship
  • UC Irvine Chancellor's Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • HST-GO-15177 ($158,568, PI)
  • HST-GO-13732 ($70,758, PI)
  • HST-AR-13721 ($59,784, Co-PI)

Selected Publications

19. Graus, Andrew S.; Bullock, James S.; Boylan-Kolchin, Michael; Nierenberg, Anna M.
‘Through a Smoother Lens: An expected absence of LCDM substructure detections from hydrodynamic
and dark matter only simulations’, MNRAS 480, 1322 (2018).

18. Gilman, Daniel; Birrer, Simon; Treu, Tommaso; Keeton, Charles R.; Nierenberg, Anna
‘Probing the nature of dark matter by forward modeling flux ratios in strong gravitational
lenses’, MNRAS, tmp, 2153 G

17. Pancoast, A. et al. inc. AMN, ‘Stability of the Broad-line Region Geometry and Dynamics
in Arp 151 Over Seven Years’, ApJ 856, 108 (2018).

16. Keel, William C.; Bennert, Vardha N.; Pancoast, Anna; Harris, Chelsea E.; Nierenberg,
; Chojnowaki, S. Drew; Lintott, Chris J.; Schawinski, Kevin; Mitchell, Graham; Cornen,
Claude ‘Cross-ionization of gas in AGN companion galaxies as a probe of AGN radiation in
time and angle’, arXiv:1711.09936 (2017).

15. Nierenberg, A. M. ; Treu, T.; Brammer, G.; Peter, A. H. G.; Fassnacht, C. D.; Keeton, C.
R.; Kochanek, C. S.; Schmidt, K. B.; Sluse, D. ; Wright, S. A., ‘Probing dark matter substructure
in the gravitational lens HE0435-1223 with the WFC3 grism’, MNRAS 471, 2224 (2017).

14. Gilman, Daniel; Agnello, Adriano; Treu, Tommaso; Keeton, Charles R.; Nierenberg, Anna
, ‘Strong lensing signatures of luminous structure and substructure in early-type galaxies’,
MNRAS 467, 3970 (2017)

13. Ding, Xuheng; Liao, Kai; Treu, Tommaso; Suyu, Sherry H.; Chen, Geoff C.-F.; Auger,
Matthew W.; Marshall, Philip J.; Agnello, Adriano; Courbin, Frederic; Nierenberg, Anna M. ;
Rusu, Cristian E.; Sluse, Dominique; Sonnenfeld, Alessandro; Wong, Kenneth C., ‘H0LiCOW.
VI. Testing the fidelity of lensed quasar host galaxy reconstruction’, MNRAS 465, 4634 (2017)

12. Nierenberg, A. M. ; Treu, T.; Menci, N.; Lu, Y.; Torrey, Paul; Vogelsberger, M., ‘The
Missing Satellite Problem in 3D’, MNRAS 462, 4473 (2016).

11. Barth, Aaron J. et al., including AMN, ‘The Lick AGN Monitoring Project 2011: Spectroscopic
Campaign and Emission-line Light Curves’ ApJS 217, 26 (2015)

10. Nierenberg, A. M.; Treu, T.; Wright, S. A.; Fassnacht, C. D.; Auger, M. W., ‘Detection
of substructure with integral field spectroscopy of the gravitational lens B1422+231’, MNRAS
422, 2434 (2014).

9. Nierenberg, A. M.; Oldenburg, Dylan; Treu, T., ‘Do lens galaxies have an excess of luminous
substructure?’, MNRAS 436, 2120 (2013)

8. Nierenberg, A. M.; Treu, T.; Menci, N.; Wang, W., ‘The Cosmic Evolution of Faint Satellite
Galaxies as a Test of Galaxy Formation and the Nature of Dark Matter’, ApJ 772, 146 (2013)

7. Barth, Aaron et al. including AMN, ‘The The Lick AGN Monitoring Project 2011: Fe II
Reverberation from the Outer Broad-line Region’, ApJ 769, 128 (2013)

6. Pancoast, Anna et al. including AMN, ‘The Lick AGN Monitoring Project: Dynamical
Modeling of the Broad Line Region in Mrk 50’, ApJ 754, 49 (2012)

5. Nierenberg, A. M.; Auger M. W.; Treu, T.; Marshall, P.J.; Fassnacht, C. D.; Busha, Michael
T., ‘Luminous Satellites of Early-Type Galaxies II: Spatial Distribution, Luminosity Function
and Cosmic Evolution’, ApJ 752, 99 (2012)

4. Keel, William C. et al. including AMN, ‘The Galaxy Zoo survey for giant AGN-ionized
clouds: past and present black hole accretion events’, MNRAS 420, 878 (2012)

3. Barth, Aaron J. et al., including AMN, ‘The Lick AGN Monitoring Project 2011: Reverberation
Mapping of Markarian 50’, ApJ 743, 4 (2011)

2. Barth, Aaron J. et al., including AMN, ‘Broad-line Reverberation in the Kepler-field Seyfert
Galaxy Zw 229-015’, ApJ 732, 121 (2011)

1. Nierenberg, A. M.; Auger, M.W.; Treu, T.; Marshall, P.J.; Fassnacht, C. D. ‘Luminous
Satellites of Early-Type Galaxies I: Spatial Distribution’, ApJ 731, 44 (2011)

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