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 Carbon Cycle And Ecosystems: People
Alexander  Norton's Picture
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
M/S 233-300
4800 Oak Grove Drive
Pasadena, CA 91109
Curriculum Vitae:

Alexander Norton

Earth's ecosystems are in a state of unprecedented change. My focus is on building better tools to monitor and understand these ecosystems, in particular how they exchange carbon with the atmosphere. My doctoral research developed a new approach to mapping photosynthesis across the globe using satellite measurements and models. My current research uses state-of-the-art instruments and models to better understand how terrestrial ecosystems respond to environmental change.

  • PhD, Earth Science, University of Melbourne, Australia (2018)
  • BEng (Hons), Environmental Engineering, RMIT University, Australia (2014)
  • BSci, Environmental Science, RMIT University, Australia (2014)

  • Research Interests
  • Terrestrial and atmospheric carbon cycling
  • Terrestrial nitrogen cycling
  • Carbon-climate feedbacks
  • Remote sensing

  • Projects

    CliMA Icon CliMA
    The Climate Modeling Alliance (CliMA) is a coalition of scientists and engineers, who are building an Earth system model that leverages advances in the computational and data sciences to learn from Earth observations from space and the ground.

    MEaSUREs Icon MEaSUREs
    NASA's Earth Science Program is dedicated to advancing Earth remote sensing and pioneering the scientific use of satellite measurements to improve human understanding of our home planet.

    ABoVE (Arctic Boreal Vulnerability Experiment ) Icon ABoVE (Arctic Boreal Vulnerability Experiment )
    The Arctic Boreal Vulnerability Experiment (ABoVE) is a proposed NASA field campaign focusing on understanding the Arctic-Boreal environment.

    Professional Experience
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, JPL (2020-present)
  • Research Assistant, University of Western Australia (2018-2019)
  • Research Assistant, University of Melbourne (2018-2019)

  • Selected Publications
    1. NC Parazoo, T Magney, AJ Norton, B Raczka, C Bacour, F Maignan, I Baker, Y Zhang, B Qiu, M Shi, N MacBean, DR Bowling, SP Burns, PD Blanken, J Stutz, K Grossmann, C Frankenberg, Wide discrepancies in the magnitude and direction of modeled solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence in response to light conditions, Biogeosciences 17, 3733-3755, 2020
    2. EN Koffi, PJ Rayner, AJ Norton, C Frankenberg, M Scholze, Investigating the usefulness of satellite-derived fluorescence data in inferring gross primary productivity within the carbon cycle data assimilation system, Biogeosciences 12 (13), 2015, 4067-4084,
    3. AJ Norton, PJ Rayner, EN Koffi, M Scholze, Assimilating solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence into the terrestrial biosphere model BETHY-SCOPE v1. 0: model description and information content, Geoscientific Model Development 11 (4), 2018,
    4. AJ Norton, PJ Rayner, EN Koffi, M Scholze, JD Silver, YP Wang, Estimating global gross primary productivity using chlorophyll fluorescence and a data assimilation system with the BETHY-SCOPE model, Biogeosciences 16, 3069-3093, 2019,
    5. W Woodgate, L Suarez, E van Gorsel, LA Cernusak, R Dempsey, R Devillae, A Held, MJ Hill, AJ Norton, tri-PRI: A three band reflectance index tracking dynamic photoprotective mechanisms in a mature eucalypt forest, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 272, 187-201, 2019,

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