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Philippe Berger

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4800 Oak Grove Drive
M/S 169-237

Pasadena, CA 91109

Curriculum Vitae:

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Structure of the Universe


Philippe received his PhD in Physics from the University of Toronto in 2018. Previously he completed an MSc at the University of Geneva, and did his Bachelor's at Concordia University in his hometown of Montreal. His PhD thesis was focused on analysis and calibration of radio interferometric data from the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping (CHIME) experiment as well as simulation and modeling of the 21 cm line intensity mapping signal.


  • PhD Physics, University of Toronto (2018)
  • MSc Physics, University of Geneva (2014)
  • BSc Physics, Concordia University (2012)

Professional Experience

  • Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Post-Doctoral Scholar (2018-present)

Research Interests

  • Observational cosmology and the Large Scale Structure of the Universe
  • Line Intensity Mapping
  • Radio astronomy, instrumental calibration and pipeline development

Selected Publications

  • R. M. Feder, P. Berger , G. Stein, "Nonlinear 3D Cosmic Web Simulation with Heavy-Tailed Generative Adversarial Networks, " submitted to Phys. Rev. D [arXiv: 2005.03050]
  • P. C. Breysse, C. J. Anderson, P. Berger, "Cancelling out intensity mapping foregrounds," Phys. Rev. Lett., Vol. 123, 23, 2019 [arXiv:1907.04369]
  • P. Berger & G. Stein, "A volumetric deep Convolutional Neural Network for simulation of dark matter halo catalogs," MNRAS, Volume 482, Issue 3, p.2861-2871, 2019 [arXiv:1805.04537]
  • P. Berger, N. Oppermann, U.-L. Pen and J. R. Shaw, "An efficient method for removing point sources from full-sky radio interferometric maps," Mon. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc. 472 (Dec. 2017) 4928-4934 [arXiv:1612.03255]
  • P. Berger, L. B. Newburgh et al., "Holographic beam mapping of the CHIME pathfinder array," in Proc. SPIE: Ground-based and Airborne Telescopes VI, vol. 9906, p. 99060D, Aug. 2016 [arXiv:1607.01473]
  • P. Berger, A. Kehagias and A. Riotto, "Testing the Origin of Cosmological Magnetic Fields Using the Large-Scale Structure Consistency Relations," JCAP, 1405, 025 (2014) [arXiv:1402.1044] ]