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Robert  Stachnik's Picture
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
M/S 183-401
4800 Oak Grove Drive
Pasadena, CA 91109
Email Contact:

Robert Stachnik

  • B.S.,chemistry, Illinois Institute of Technology, with high honors (1975)
  • Ph.D., physical chemistry, University of California, Berkeley (1981)

Research Interests
  • Atmospheric chemistry: polar ozone, role of radicals, chemical kinetics and spectroscopy
  • Instrumentation development and measurement strategies: millimeterwave radiometric techniques

Professional Experience
  • Jet Propulsion Laboratory (1983-Present)
    • Research Scientist, Microwave Atmospheric Sciences Group (1985-Present)
    • Postdoctoral Associate, Photochemistry and Chemical Kinetics Group (1983-1985)
  • MIT Postdoctoral Fellow (1981-1983)

Selected Awards
  • NASA Group Achievement Award Airborne Scanning Microwave Limb Sounder Team (2013)
  • NASA Group Achievement Award HAMSR Global Hawk Team (2011)
  • NASA Group Achieve Award Genesis and Rapid Intensification Process Team (2011)
  • National Research Council Graduate Fellowship (1975-1978)

Selected Publications
  1. Muller, R , S. Tilmes, J.U. Grooss, D.S. McKenna, M.S. Muller, U.Schmidt, G.C.Toon, R.A. Stachnik, J.J. Margitan, J.W. Elkins, J.Arvelius, J.M. Russell, Chlorine activation and chemical ozone loss deduced from HALOE and balloon measurements in the Arctic during the winter of 1999-2000, J. Geop. Res., 108, D5 (2002)
  2. Greenblatt, JB, H.J. Jost, M. Lowenstein, J.R. Poldoske, D.F. Hurst, J.W. Elkins, S.M. Schauffler, E.L. Atlas, R.L. Herman, C.R. Webster, T.P. Bui, F.L. Moore, E.A. Ray, S. Oltmans, H. Vomel, J.F. Blavier, B. Sen, R.A. Stachnik, G.C. Toon, A. Engel, M. Muller, U. Schmidt, H. Bremer, R.B. Pierce, B.M. Sinnhuber, M. Chipperfield, F. Lefevre, Tracer-based determination of vortex descent in the 1999/2000 Arctic winter, J. Geop. Res, 107, D20 (2002)
  3. Jucks, K.W., D.G. Johnson, K.V. Chance, W.A. Traub, J.M. Margitan, R.A. Stachnik, Y.Y. Sasano, T. Yokota, T Kanzawa, K. Shibasaki, M. Suzuki, T. Ogawa, T, Validation of ILAS v5.2 data with FIRS-2 balloon observations, J. Geop. Res., 107, D24 (2002)
  4. Sugita, T., Yokota, H. Nakajima, H. Kanzawa, H.Nakane, H.Gernandt, V. Yushkov, K. Shibasaki, T.Deshler, Y. Kondo, S. Godin, F. Goutail, J.P. Pommereau, C. Camy-Peyret, Payan, P. Jeseck, J.B.Renard, H. Bosch, R. Fitzenberger, K.Pfeilsticker, M.von Konig, H.Bremer, H. Kullmann, H.Schlager, J.J. Margitan, B. Stachnik, G.C. Toon, K. Jucks, W.A. Traub, D.G.Johnson, I. Murata, H. Fukunishi, Y. Sasano, Validation of ozone measurements from the Improved Limb Atmospheric Spectrometer, J. Geop.Res., 107, D24 (2002)
  5. Engel, A, R. Muller,U. Schmidt, K.S. Carslaw, R.A. Stachnik, Indications of heterogeneous chlorine activation on moderately cold aerosol based on chlorine observations in the Arctic stratosphere, Atmos. Env. 34, 25 (2000)
  6. Stachnik, RA, R. Salawitch, A.Engel, U. Schmidt, Measurements of chlorine partitioning in the winter Arctic stratosphere, Geo. Res. Lett., 26, 20 (1999)

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