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Dinuke Munasinghe

Photo of Dinuke Munasinghe


4800 Oak Grove Drive

Pasadena, CA 91109

Curriculum Vitae:

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Member of:

Water & Ecosystems

Postdoctoral Researcher


Dinuke is a Fluvial Geomorphologist who studies riverine flooding using Satellite Remote Sensing.


  • Ph.D. University of Alabama, Geography; Concentration: Geographic Information Science, 2021
  • M.S. University of Alabama, Geography; Concentration: Geographic Information Science, 2017
  • B.Sc. University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka, Environmental Conservation and Management, 2014

Professional Experience

  • 2021 – Present: JPL Post-doctoral Fellow, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA
  • 2015 – 2021: Graduate Research Assistant, Teaching Assistant and Instructor, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL

Community Service

  • Reviewer for Scientific Journals:
  • Estuaries and Coasts (Springer)
  • Journal of Geographical Sciences (Springer)
  • Remote Sensing (MDPI)

Research Interests

Remote Sensing, Flood Inundation Mapping, Riverine Sediment Transport

Selected Awards

- Graduate Council Fellowship Recipient, University of Alabama (2019/20)

- State of Alabama EPSCoR GRSP (Graduate Research Scholars Program) Fellowship (2018/19)

- Council Fellowship Recipient of the American Geographical Association (2017)

- NSF Research/Travel award for the UCGIS Summer School: Collaborative Problem Solving with CyberGIS and Geospatial Data Science, National Center for Supercomputing Applications, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL (2017)

- CUAHSI/NWS/NSF Research Award for the National Water Center Innovators’ Program, NOAA National Water Center (2016)

Selected Publications

  1. Munasinghe, D.S.N., Cohen, S., and K. Gadiraju (2021). A Review of Satellite Remote Sensing Techniques of River Delta Morphology Change. Remote Sensing in Earth System Sciences. DOI:
  2. Munasinghe, D.S.N., Najim, M.M.M., Quadroni, S., and M.M. Musthafa (2021). Impacts of streamflow alteration on benthic macroinvertebrates by mini‑hydro diversion in Sri Lanka. Scientific Reports. DOI:
  3. Peter, B., Cohen, S., Lucey, R., Munasinghe, D., Raney, A., and G. Brakenridge (2020). "Google Earth Engine Implementation of the Floodwater Depth Estimation Tool (FwDET-GEE) for Rapid and Large Scale Flood Analysis". IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters. DOI:
  4. Cohen, S., Raney, A., Munasinghe D., Loftis, D., Molthan, A., Bell, J., Rogers, L., Galantowicz, J., Brakenridge, G.R., Kettner, A., Huang, Y., and Y. Tsang (2019). The Floodwater Depth Estimation Tool (FwDET v2.0) for Improved Remote Sensing Analysis of Coastal Flooding. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 19(9), 2053-2065. DOI:
  5. Johnson, M., Munasinghe, D.S.N., Eyelade, D., and S. Cohen (2019). An Integrated Evaluation of the National Water Model (NWM) Height Above Nearest Drainage (HAND) Flood Mapping Methodology. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 19(11), 2405-2420. DOI:
  6. Munasinghe, D.S.N., Zhang, J., Huang, Y., Fang, N., Cohen, S., and Y. Tsang (2018). Intercomparison of Satellite Remote Sensing- Based Flood Inundation Mapping Techniques. Journal of the American Water Resources Association, 54(4), 834-846. DOI:
  7. Cohen, S., Brakenridge, G.R., Kettner, A., Bates, B., Nelson, J., McDonald, R., Huang, Y, Munasinghe, D., and J. Zhang (2018). Estimating Floodwater Depths from Flood Inundation Maps and Topography. Journal of the American Water Resources Association, 54(4), 847-858. DOI: (Top 20 most downloaded for the journal in 2017/18)
  8. Zhang, J., Huang, Y., Munasinghe, D.S.N., Fang, N., Tsang. Y., and S. Cohen (2018). Comparative Analysis of Inundation Mapping Approaches for the 2016 Flood in the Brazos River, Texas. Journal of the American Water Resources Association, 54(4), 820-833. DOI: