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Bruce Goldstein

Photo of Bruce Goldstein


4800 Oak Grove Drive
M/S 169-506

Pasadena, CA 91109





Member of:

Science Division

IEP Technical


  • B. A., Mathematics, magna cum laude, Brown University (1965)
  • Ph.D., Applied Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1971)

Professional Experience

  • Jet Propulsion Laboratory (1971 - present)
    • Deputy Manager, Astrophysics and Space Sciences Section (2002 - present)
    • Element Lead, Space Physics Element (2000-2002)
    • Ulysses Mission Deputy Project Scientist (1985-2002)
    • Solar Probe Study Scientist (1978-1979)
    • NASA HQ Lunar Science Program Office (1976-1977)
    • Co-Investigator Ulysses Mission plasma spectrometer
    • Co-Investigator Giotto Mission ion mass spectrometer

Research Interests

  • Solar wind properties in general, with emphasis on latitudinal and solar cycle properties made possible by the Ulysses SWOOPS plasma experiment
  • Numerical modeling of evolution of solar wind particle distribution functions
  • Waves and instabilities in the solar wind

Selected Awards

  • NASA Exceptional Service Award (2000)
  • NASA special recognition award for participating as a Principal Investigator in the Lunar Program
  • NASA Certificate of Recognition for development of an ion mass spectrometer

Selected Publications

  1. Suess, S. T., G. Poletto, M. Romoli, M. Neugebauer, B. E. Goldstein, and G. Simnett, The May 1997 SOHO-Ulysses Quadrature, , J. Geophys. Res., 105, 25033, 2000
  2. Buti, B., P. C. Liewer, B. E. Goldstein, M. Velli, and T. Hada, Hybrid Simulations of Collapse of Alfvenic Wave Packets, Phys. Plasmas, 7, 3998, 2000
  3. Goldstein, B. E., M. Neugebauer, L. D. Zhang, and S. P. Gary, Observed constraint on proton/proton relative velocities in the solar wind, Geophys. Res. Lett., 27 , 53, 2000.
  4. McComas, D. J., B. L. Barraclough, H. O. Funsten, J. T. Gosling, E. Santiago-Munoz, R. M. Skoug, B. E. Goldstein, M. Neugebauer, P. Riley, and A. Balogh, Solar Wind Observations over Ulysses' first full polar orbit, J. Geophys. Res., 105, 10419, 2000
  5. Winterhalter, D., Smith, E. J. ; Neugebauer, M. ; Goldstein, B. E.; Tsurutani, B. T., The latitudinal distribution of solar wind magnetic holes, Geophys. Res. Lett. 27, 1615, 2000
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  14. McComas, D. J., H. A. Elliott, J. T. Gosling, D. B. Reisenfeld, R. M. Skoug, B. E. Goldstein, M. Neugebauer, and A. Balogh, Ulysses' second fast-latitude scan: Complexity near solar maximum and the reformation of polar coronal holes, Geophys. Res. Letts., 29, 9, 4-1, 10.1029/2001GL014164, 2002
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