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Henry Grasshorn Gebhardt

Photo of Henry Grasshorn Gebhardt


4800 Oak Grove Drive
M/S 169-237

Pasadena, CA 91109



Curriculum Vitae:

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Origin of the Universe


I grew up in Germany, started college in the US at UC Davis and finished college in Germany where I worked on the electronics of X-ray space missions. Then I did my masters in the US at Penn State, where I first worked on galaxy evolution and the build-up of metals. For my PhD I switched advisors to work on the connection between theory and observations in galaxy surveys, particularly the Hobby-Eberly Telescope Dark Energy eXperiment (HETDEX).


  • UC Davis
  • Eberhard-Karls Universität Tübingen
  • Penn State

Research Interests

I am interested in maximally exploiting the cosmological information contained in galaxy surveys. I am also interested in the possibility of forming black holes from self-interacting dark matter after recombination.

Selected Awards

  • Penn State – Stephen B. Brumbach Graduate Fellow
  • UC Davis – Scholarship from The Regents of the University of California

Selected Publications

  • Grasshorn Gebhardt, H. S., Jeong, D., et al., Unbiased Cosmological Parameter Estimation from Emission Line Surveys with Interlopers, 2019, ApJ, 876, 32
  • Shandera, S., Jeong, D., Grassshorn Gebhardt, H. S., Gravitational Waves from Binary Mergers of Subsolar Mass Dark Black Holes, 2018, PRL, Volume 120, Issue 24, 241102
  • Grasshorn Gebhardt, H. S., Jeong, D., Fast and Accurate Computation of Projected Two-point Functions, 2018, PRD, 97, 023504
  • Grasshorn Gebhardt, H. S., Zeimann, G. R., Ciardullo, R., et al., Young, star-forming galaxies and their local counterparts: the evolving relationship of mass–SFR–metallicity since z ∼ 2.1, 2016, ApJ, 817, 10