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The Juno mission is the first competed mission selected for NASA's New Frontiers Program. NASA's solar-powered Juno spacecraft launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida on August 5, 2011. Juno is conducting a first-time, in-depth study of the giant planet. This mission is placing a spacecraft in a polar orbit around Jupiter to investigate the existence of an ice-rock core; determining the amount of global water and ammonia present in the atmosphere; studying convection and deep wind profiles in the atmosphere; investigating the origin of the Jovian magnetic field; and explore the polar magnetosphere.


Photo of Michael Janssen
Michael Janssen
Astrophysics & Space Sciences
Photo of Meemong Lee
Meemong Lee
Tropospheric Composition
Photo of Steven Levin
Steven Levin
Origin of the Universe - Juno Project Scientist
Photo of Thomas Momary
Thomas Momary
Planetary And Exoplanetary Atmospheres
Photo of Glenn Orton
Glenn Orton
Planetary And Exoplanetary Atmospheres - Group Supervisor
Photo of James Sinclair
James Sinclair
Planetary And Exoplanetary Atmospheres