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 Interstellar and Heliospheric Physics (3263): People
Charles M. (Matt) Bradford's Picture
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
M/S 169-506
4800 Oak Grove Drive
Pasadena, CA 91109
Email Contact:
Curriculum Vitae:

Charles M. (Matt) Bradford

  • B.S. Physics, Stanford University. (1994)
  • Ph.D. Astronomy, Cornell University, Advisor: Prof. Gordon Stacey. (2000)

Research Interests
  • The properties and energetics of the interstellar medium in galactic nuclei and regions of active star formation.
  • Far-IR - millimeter wave spectroscopic probes of the gas conditions in the Galaxy, nearby galaxies, and at high redshift.
  • Novel ground-based instrumentation to facilitate sensitive new spectroscopic measurements at the Earth's best submillimeter and millimeter-wave sites.
  • Development of technology to realize the astronomical potential of cryogenic orbital far-IR - millimeter wave observatories.


Astrophysical analyses of interstellar conditions Icon Astrophysical analyses of interstellar conditions
and energy flow using far-IR to millimeter wave galaxy spectra from existing instrumentation (Herschel, Z-Spec)

Origins Space Telescope (OST) Icon Origins Space Telescope (OST)
is a NASA study for an 8+ meter cryogenic telescope targeting the earliest heavy element and the formation of life-bearing planets.

Quantum capacitance detector (QCD) Icon Quantum capacitance detector (QCD)
detector development. The QCD is this most sensitive far-IR detector ever made, enabling space-borne spectroscopy at the zodiacal-light limit and now demonstrating far-IR photon counting.

SPICA / SAFARI instrument development Icon SPICA / SAFARI instrument development
is a cryogenic mid- to far-IR telescope concept led by ESA and JAXA with key US detector contributions to the SAFARI far-IR Spectrograph.

SuperSpec Icon SuperSpec
is a wideband millimeter-wave on-chip spectrometer a lithographically-patterned superconducting filterbank and kinetic inductance detectors.

is an experiment to measure the carbon emission from the Universe’s oldest galaxies.

Z-Spec Icon Z-Spec
is a novel millimeter-wave grating spectrometer for observing galaxies throughout cosmic time.

The Terahertz Intensity Mapper

Professional Experience
  • Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena California, Research Scientist, Astrophysics Element (Oct 2003-Present)
  • California Institute of Technology, Visiting Faculty Associate, (Oct 2005-Present)
  • California Institute of Technology, R,A. Millikan Postdoctoral Scholar, Department of Physics (Jan. 2001 - Sept. 2003)

Selected Awards
  • NASA Exceptional Technology Achievement Award (2010)
  • Lew Allen Award for Excellence (2009)
  • JPL Director's Fellowship (2003-2005)

Selected Publications
  1. Uzgil, Bade D.; Bradford, C. Matt; Hailey-Dunsheath, Steve; Maloney, Philip R.; Aguirre, James E. 2016. Constraining the ISM Properties of the Cloverleaf Quasar Host Galaxy with Herschel Spectroscopy. ApJ 832, 209.
  2. Bradford, C. M.; Goldsmith, P. F.; Bolatto, A.; Armus, L.; Bauer, J.; Appleton, P.; Cooray, A.; Casey, C.; Dale, D.; Uzgil, B.; Aguirre, J.; Smith, J. D.; Sheth, K.; Murphy, E. J.; McKenney, C.; Holmes, W.; Rizzo, M.; Bergin, E.; Stacey, G. 2016.   A Cryogenic Space Telescope for Far-Infrared Astrophysics: A Vision for NASA in the 2020 Decade. arXiv: 1505.05551.
  3. Bradford, C. M.; Hailey-Dunsheath, S.; Shirokoff, E.; Hollister, M.; McKenney, C. M.; LeDuc, H. G.; Reck, T.; Chapman, S. C.; Tikhomirov, A.; Nikola, T.; Zmuidzinas, J. 2014. X-Spec: a multi-object trans-millimeter-wave spectrometer for CCAT. Proc. of the SPIE 9153, 91531Y.
  4. Hailey-Dunsheath, S.; Shirokoff, E.; Barry, P. S.; Bradford, C. M.; Chapman, S.; Che, G.; Glenn, J.; Hollister, M.; Kovács, A.; LeDuc, H. G.; Mauskopf, P.; McKenney, C.; O'Brient, R.; Padin, S.; Reck, T.; Shiu, C.; Tucker, C. E.; Wheeler, J.; Williamson, R.; Zmuidzinas, J. 2015. Low Noise Titanium Nitride KIDs for SuperSpec: A Mm-Wave On-Chip Spectrometer. J. Low Temp. Physics, 184, 180.
  5. Crites, A. T.; Bock, J. J.; Bradford, C. M.; Chang, T. C.; Cooray, A. R.; Duband, L.; Gong, Y.; Hailey-Dunsheath, S.; Hunacek, J.; Koch, P. M.; Li, C. T.; O'Brient, R. C.; Prouve, T.; Shirokoff, E.; Silva, M. B.; Staniszewski, Z.; Uzgil, B.; Zemcov, M. 2014. The TIME-Pilot intensity mapping experiment, Proc. of the SPIE. 9153, 91531W.
  6. Lupu, R. E.; Scott, K. S.; Aguirre, J. E.; Aretxaga, I.; Auld, R.; Barton, E.; Beelen, A.; Bertoldi, F.; Bock, J. J.; Bonfield, D.; Bradford, C. M.; Buttiglione, S.; Cava, A.; Clements, D. L.; Cooke, J.; Cooray, A.; Dannerbauer, H.; Dariush, A.; De Zotti, G.; Dunne, L.; Dye, S.; Eales, S.; Frayer, D.; Fritz, J.; Glenn, J.; Hughes, D. H.; Ibar, E.; Ivison, R. J.; Jarvis, M. J.; Kamenetzky, J.; Kim, S.; Lagache, G.; Leeuw, L.; Maddox, S.; Maloney, P. R.; Matsuhara, H.; Murphy, E. J.; Naylor, B. J.; Negrello, M.; Nguyen, H.; Omont, A.; Pascale, E.; Pohlen, M.; Rigby, E.; Rodighiero, G.; Serjeant, S.; Smith, D.; Temi, P.; Thompson, M.; Valtchanov, I.; Verma, A.; Vieira, J. D.; Zmuidzinas, J.. et al., 2012. Measurements of CO Redshifts with Z-Spec for Lensed Submillimeter Galaxies Disovered in the H-ATLAS Survey, Astrophys. J., 757, 135.
  7. Gong, Y., Cooray, A., Silva, M., Santos, M.G., Bock, J., Bradford, C.M., Zemcov, M., 2012. Intensity Mapping of the [CII] Fine-Structure Line During the Epoch of Reioinzation. Astrophys. J., 745, 49.
  8. Zemcov, M.; Aguirre, J.; Bock, J.; Bradford, C. M.; Czakon, N.; Glenn, J.; Golwala, S. R.; Lupu, R.; Maloney, P.; Mauskopf, P.; Million, E.; Murphy, E. J.; Naylor, B.; Nguyen, H.; Rosenman, M.; Sayers, J.; Scott, K. S.; Zmuidzinas, J., 2012. High Spectral-Resolution Measurement of the Sunyaev-Zel’dovich Effect Null with Z-Spec, Astrophys. J., 749, 114.
  9. Uzgil, B.; Aguirre, J.E.; Bradford, C.M.; and Lidz, A., 2014. Measuring Galaxy Clustering and the Evolution of [C II] Mean Intensity with Far-IR Line Intensity Mapping during 0.5 < z < 1.5. Astrophys. J. 793, article 112.
  10. Beyer, Andrew D.; Kenyon, M.; Echternach, P. M.; Bumble, B.; Runyan, M. C.; Chui, T.; Bradford, C. M.; Holmes, W. A.; Bock, J. J., 2012. Development of fast, background-limited transition-edge sensors for the background-limited infrared/sub-mm spectrograph (BLISS) for SPICA, Proc. of the SPIE, Vol. 8452, 84520G.
  11. Shirokoff, E.; Barry, P. S.; Bradford, C. M.; Chattopadhyay, G.; Day, P.; Doyle, S.; Hailey-Dunsheath, S.; Hollister, M. I.; Kovács, A.; McKenney, C.; Leduc, H. G.; Llombart, N.; Marrone, D. P.; Mauskopf, P.; O'Brient, R.; Padin, S.; Reck, T.; Swenson, L. J.; Zmuidzinas, J., 2012. MKID development for SuperSpec: an on-chip, mm-wave, filter-bank spectrometer, Proc. of the SPIE, Vol. 8452, 84520R.
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