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There are a number of key scientists in JPL's Program Directorates and we include information on them here. Many were at one time in the Science Division and still maintain research activities in the Division.

Photo of Rosaly Lopes
Rosaly Lopes
Directorate Scientist, Planetary Science
Photo of David Beaty
David Beaty
Chief Scientist, Mars Exploration Directorate
Photo of Michael Gunson
Michael Gunson
Global Change & Energy Program Manager & OCO-2 Project Scientist
Photo of Michele Judd
Michele Judd
Executive Director, Keck Institute for Space Studies
Photo of Charles Lawrence
Charles Lawrence
Chief Scientist for Astronomy and Physics (7X)
Photo of Adrian Ponce
Adrian Ponce
Manager, Higher Education Office
Photo of Christophe Sotin
Christophe Sotin
Chief Scientist, Solar System Exploration Directorate (4X)
Photo of Stephen Unwin
Stephen Unwin
Principal Scientist
Photo of Duane Waliser
Duane Waliser
Chief Scientist, Earth Science and Technology Directorate
Photo of Michael Werner
Michael Werner
Project Scientist - Spitzer Space Telescope
Photo of Cinzia Zuffada
Cinzia Zuffada
JPL Associate Chief Scientist
Photo of Richard Zurek
Richard Zurek
Chief Scientist Mars Program Office, Project Scientist, MRO