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 Astrophysics & Space Sciences: People
Michael  Shao's Picture
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
M/S 321-134
4800 Oak Grove Drive
Pasadena, CA 91109
Email Contact:
Curriculum Vitae:

Michael Shao
Principal Research Scientist

  • Ph.D., Astronomy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA (1978)
  • B.S., Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA (1971)

Professional Experience
  • Principal Research Scientist (2012-Present)
  • Project Scientist, SIM Project, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (1997-2012)
  • Project Scientist, Keck Interferometer Project, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (1997-2007)
  • Spatial Interferometry Group Supervisor, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (1989-1996)
  • Astrophysicist, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (1984-1989)
  • Astrophysicist, Naval Research Laboratory (1981-1984)

Selected Publications

For a complete list of publications, please see Dr. Shao's CV.

  1. Discovery and Characterization of a Faint Stellar Companion to the A3V Star Virginis, S. Hinkley, B. R. Oppenheimer, D. Brenner, N. Zimmerman, L. C. Roberts, I. R. Parry, R. Soummer, A. Sivaramakrishnan, M. Simon, M. D. Perrin, D. King, J. Lloyd, A. Bouchez, J. Roberts, R. Dekany, C. Beichman, L. Hillenbrand, R. Burruss, M. Shao, G. Vasisht, The Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 712, p. 421 (2010).
  2. Sub-Microarcsecond Astrometry with SIM-Lite: A Testbed-based Performance, M. Shao, B. Nemati, PASP, Vol. 121, p. 41 (2009).
  3. "Galileo Galilei" (GG) a small satellite to test the equivalence principle of Galileo, Newton and Einstein, A. M. Nobili, G. L. Comandi, S. Doravari, D. Bramanti, R. Kumar, F. Maccarrone, E. Polacco, S. G. Turyshev, M. Shao, J. Lipa, H. Dittus, C. Laemmerzhal, A. Peters, J. Mueller, C. S. Unnikrishnan, I. W. Roxburgh, A. Brillet, M. Alain; J. Luo, J. van der Ha, V. Milyukov, V. Iafolla, D. Lucchesi, P. Tortora, P. de Bernardis, F. Palmonari, S. Focardi, D. Zanello, S. Monaco, G. Mengali, L. Anselmo, L. Iorio, Z. Knezevic, Experimental Astronomy, Vol. 23, p. 689 (2009).
  4. Advancing fundamental physics with the Laser Astrometric Test of Relativity. The LATOR mission, S. Turyshev, M. Shao, K. Nordvedt, et al., Experimental Astronomy Vol. 27, p. 27 (2009).
  5. Starspot Jitter in Photometry, Astrometry, and Radial Velocity Measurements, V. V. Makarov, C. A. Beichman, J. H. Catanzarite, D. A. Fischer, J. Lebreton, F. Malbet, M. Shao, ApJ Let, Vol. 707, p.73 (2009).
  6. A Search for New Physics with the Beacon Mission, S. G. Turyshev, M. Shao, A. Girerd, B. Lane, International Journal of Modern Physics D, Vol. 18, pp. 1025-1038 (2009).
  7. Taking the Measure of the Universe: Precision Astrometry with SIM Planet Quest, S. Unwin, M. Shao, A. M.Tanner, R J. Allen, C. A. Beichman, D. Boboltz, J. H. Catanzarite, B. C. Chaboyer, D. R. Ciardi, S. J. Edberg, A. L. Fey, D. A. Fischer, C. R. Gelino, A. P. Gould, C. Grillmair, T. J. Henry, K. V. Johnston, K. J. Johnston, D. L. Jones, S. R. Kulkarni, N. M. Law, S. R. Majewski, V. V. Makarov, G. W. Marcy, D. L. Meier, R. P. Olling, X. Pan, R. J. Patterson, J. E. Pitesky, A. Quirrenbach, S. B. Shaklan, E. J. Shaya, L. E. Strigari, J. A. Tomsick, A. E. Wehrle, G. Worthey, PASP, Vol. 120, p. 38 (2008).
  8. Masses, Luminosities, and Orbital Coplanarities of the μ Orionis Quadruple-Star System from Phases Differential Astrometry, M. W. Muterspaugh, B. F. Lane, F. C. Fekel, M. Konacki, B. F. Burke, S. R. Kulkarni, M. M. Colavita, M. Shao, S. J. Wiktorowicz, ApJ, Vol. 669, p.1354 (2008).
  9. Sensing Phase Aberrations behind Lyot Coronagraphs, A. Sivaramakrishnan, R. Soummer, L. Pueyo, J. K. Wallace, M. Shao, ApJ, Vol. 688 (2008).
  10. Picometer accuracy white light fringe modeling for SIM PlanetQuest spectral calibration development unit, C. Zhai, J. Yu, M. Shao, R. Goullioud, X. An, R. Demers, M. Milman, T. Shen, H. Tang, Optical and Infrared Interferometry. Edited by M. Schðller, Markus; W. C. Danchi, F. Delplancke. Proceedings of the SPIE, Vol. 7013, pp. 70134Z-70134Z-12 (2008).
  11. DAVINCI, a dilute aperture visible nulling coronagraphic instrument, M. Shao, S. Bairstow, B. M. Levine, G. Vasisht, B. F. Lane, G. Vasudevan, R. Woodruff, R. Samuele, J. Wynn, M. Clampin, R. Lyon, O. Guyon, Optical and Infrared Interferometry. Edited by M. Schöller, W. C. Danchi, F. Delplancke. Proceedings of the SPIE, Vol. 7013, pp. 70132T-70132T-13 (2008).

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