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Curt  Cutler's Picture
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
M/S 169-327
4800 Oak Grove Drive
Pasadena, CA 91109

Curt Cutler

  • B.S. Mathematic and Physics, Yale University (1983)
  • Ph.D. Physics, University of Chicago (1989)

Research Interests
  • Astrophysical sources of gravitational waves
  • Gravitational-wave data analysis
  • Relativistic astrophysics


LIGO - Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory Icon LIGO - Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory
The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) is a facility dedicated to the detection of cosmic gravitational waves and the measurement of these waves for scientific research.

Professional Experience
  • Jet Propulsion Laboratory (9/05-present)
    • Principal Scientist
    • JPL Senior Research Scientist (since 4/06)
  • California Institute of Technology (2-06-present)
    • Senior Faculty Associate
  • Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics, Golm, Germany (9/97-9/05)
    • Wissenschaftler (permanent research position)
  • Penn State University (9/94-9/97)
    • Assistant Professor of Physics
  • Cornell University (9/93-9/94)
    • Research Associate in Theoretical Astrophysics
  • California Instiute of Technology (9/90-9/93)
    • Research Associate in Theoretical Astrophysics
  • University of Pittsburgh (9/88-9/90)
    • Research Associate in General Relativity

Selected Awards
  • 1995 Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship

Selected Publications
  1. Cutler, C. and Harms, J., 2006 "Big Bang Observer and the neutron-star-binary subtraction problem," Phys. Rev. D. 73 042001.
  2. Cutler, C., Gholami, I., & Krishnan, B., 2005 "Improved Stack-Slide Searches for Gravitational Wave Pulsars," Phys. Rev. D. 72 042004.
  3. Barack, L., and Cutler, C., 2004 "LISA Capture Sources: Approximate Waveforms, Signal-to-Noise Ratios, and Parameter Estimation Accuracy," Phys. Rev. D. 69 082005.
  4. Cutler, C., 2002 "Gravitational Waves from Neutron Stars with Large Toroidal B-fields," Phys. Rev. D. 66 084025.
  5. Cutler, C., and Jones, I. D., 2001 "Gravitational Wave Damping of Neutron Star Wobble," Phys. Rev. D. 63 024002.
  6. Ushomirsky, G., Cutler, C., and Bildsten, L. 2000 "Deformations of Accreting Neutron Star Crusts and Gravitational Wave Emission," Mon. Not. Roy. Ast. Soc. 319 902.
  7. Brady, P. R., Creighton, T., Cutler, C., & Schutz, B. F., 1998 "Searching for periodic sources with LIGO," Phys. Rev. D. 57 2101.
  8. Cutler, C. 1998 "Angular Resolution of the LISA Gravitational Wave Detector," Phys. Rev. D. 57 7089.
  9. Bildsten, L., Ushomirsky, G., & Cutler, C., 1996 "Ocean g-modes in Rotating Neutron Stars," Ap. J. 460 827.
  10. Apostolatos, T., Cutler, C., Sussman, G. J., & Thorne, K. S., 1994 "Spin-Induced Orbital Precession and its Modulation of the Gravitational Waveforms from Merging Binaries," Phys. Rev. D 49 6274.
  11. Cutler, C., & Flanagan, E. E., 1994 "Gravitational waves from merging compact binaries: How accurately can one extract the binary's parameters from the inspiral waveform?" Phys. Rev. D 49 2658.
  12. Cutler, C., Finn, L. S., Poisson, E., and Sussman, G. J., 1992 "Gravitational Radiation from a Particle in Circular Orbit around a Black Hole. II: Numerical Results for the Nonrotating Case," Phys. Rev. D 47 1511.
  13. Cutler, C., 1992 "The Global Structure of Gott's 2-String Spacetime," Phys. Rev. D 45 487.
  14. Cutler, C., and Lindblom, L., 1992 "Post-Newtonian Frequencies for the Pulsations of Rapidly Rotating Neutron Stars," Ap. J. 385 630.
  15. Cutler, C., 1991 "post-Newtonian Effects on the Modes of Rotating Stars," Ap. J. 374 248.
  16. Cutler, C. and Wald, R. M., 1988 "Existence of Radiating Einstein-Maxwell Solutions which are C on all I+ and I-," Class. Quantum Grav. 6 453.
  17. Cutler, C. and Wald, R. M., 1987 "A New Type of Gauge Invariance for a Collection of Massless Spin-2 Fields: Existence and Uniqueness," Class. Quantum Grav. 4 1267.
  18. Cutler, C. and Lindblom, L., 1987 "The Effect of Viscosity on Neutron Star Oscillations," Ap. J., 314 234.

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