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Robert  Hodyss's Picture
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
M/S 183-301
4800 Oak Grove Drive
Pasadena, CA 91109
Email Contact:

Robert Hodyss
Group Supervisor

  • B. S. in Chemistry, University of Florida (1999)
  • Ph. D. in Physical Chemistry, California Institute of Technology (2006)

Research Interests
  • Investigations of the photochemistry and physics of cryogenic ices relevant to outer Solar System bodies, utilizing infrared and ultraviolet spectroscopies, temperature programmed desorption, and differential scanning calorimetry
  • Studies of chemical processes in Titan's liquid hydrocarbon lakes, including dissolution, precipitation, and polymerization
  • Development of instrumentation for in situ chemical analysis on planetary bodies

Professional Experience
  • Jet Propulsion Laboratory (2005-Present)
    • Scientist, Planetary Ices Group (2008)
    • Caltech Postdoctoral Researcher, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (2005-2008)
  • California Institute of Technology (1999-2005)
    • Graduate Researcher, Department of Chemistry (1999-2005)
    • Teaching Assistant (1999-2003)

Selected Publications
  1. Vu, T.H., E. Gloesener, M. Choukroun, A. Ibourichene, and R. Hodyss, Experimental Study on the Effect of Ammonia on the Phase Behavior of Tetrahydrofuran Clathrates. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2014.
  2. Vu, T.H., M.L. Cable, M. Choukroun, R. Hodyss, and P. Beauchamp, Formation of a New Benzene-Ethane Co-Crystalline Structure Under Cryogenic Conditions. Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2014. 118(23): p. 4087-4094.
  3. Malaska, M.J. and R. Hodyss, Dissolution of benzene, naphthalene, and biphenyl in a simulated Titan lake. Icarus, 2014. 242(0): p. 74-81.
  4. Cable, M.L., T.H. Vu, R. Hodyss, M. Choukroun, M.J. Malaska, and P. Beauchamp, Experimental determination of the kinetics of formation of the benzene-ethane co-crystal and implications for Titan. Geophysical Research Letters, 2014. 41(15): p. 2014GL060531.
  5. Hodyss, R., M. Choukroun, C. Sotin, and P. Beauchamp, The solubility of Ar-40 and Kr-84 in liquid hydrocarbons: Implications for Titan's geological evolution. Geophysical Research Letters, 2013. 40(12): p. 2935-2940.
  6. Johnson, P.V., R. Hodyss, V.F. Chernow, D.M. Lipscomb, and J.D. Goguen, Ultraviolet photolysis of amino acids on the surface of icy Solar System bodies. Icarus, 2012. 221(2): p. 800-805.
  7. Jaramillo-Botero, A., Q. An, M.J. Cheng, W.A. Goddard, L.W. Beegle, and R. Hodyss, Hypervelocity Impact Effect of Molecules from Enceladus' Plume and Titan's Upper Atmosphere on NASA's Cassini Spectrometer from Reactive Dynamics Simulation. Physical Review Letters, 2012. 109(21).
  8. Cable, M.L., S.M. Horst, R. Hodyss, P.M. Beauchamp, M.A. Smith, and P.A. Willis, Titan Tholins: Simulating Titan Organic Chemistry in the Cassini-Huygens Era. Chemical Reviews, 2012. 112(3): p. 1882-1909.
  9. Johnson, P.V., R. Hodyss, K.Q. Tang, W.B. Brinckerhoff, and R.D. Smith, The laser ablation ion funnel: Sampling for in situ mass spectrometry on Mars. Planetary and Space Science, 2011. 59(5-6): p. 387-393.
  10. Johnson, P.V., R. Hodyss, D.K. Bolser, R. Bhartia, A.L. Lane, and I. Kanik, Ultraviolet-Stimulated Fluorescence and Phosphorescence of Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Water Ice. Astrobiology, 2011. 11(2): p. 151-156.
  11. Hodyss, R., H.R. Howard, P.V. Johnson, J.D. Goguen, and I. Kanik, Formation of radical species in photolyzed CH4:N-2 ices. Icarus, 2011. 214(2): p. 748-753.
  12. Weber, A.S., R. Hodyss, P.V. Johnson, K. Willacy, and I. Kanik, HYDROGEN-DEUTERIUM EXCHANGE IN PHOTOLYZED METHANE-WATER ICES. Astrophysical Journal, 2009. 703(1): p. 1030-1033.
  13. Hodyss, R., C.D. Parkinson, P.V. Johnson, J.V. Stern, J.D. Goguen, Y.L. Yung, and I. Kanik, Methanol on Enceladus. Geophysical Research Letters, 2009. 36.
  14. Hodyss, R., P.V. Johnson, J.V. Stern, J.D. Goguen, and I. Kanik, Photochemistry of methane-water ices. Icarus, 2009. 200(1): p. 338-342.
  15. Hodyss, R., P.V. Johnson, G.E. Orzechowska, J.D. Goguen, and I. Kanik, Carbon dioxide segregation in 1 : 4 and 1 : 9 CO2 : H2O ices. Icarus, 2008. 194(2): p. 830-836.
  16. Hodyss, R., J.D. Goguen, P.V. Johnson, C. Campbell, and I. Kanik, Release of N-2, CH4, CO2, and H2O from surface ices on Enceladus. Icarus, 2008. 197(1): p. 152-156.
  17. Hodyss, R., G. McDonald, N. Sarker, M.A. Smith, P.A. Beauchamp, and J.L. Beauchamp, Fluorescence spectra of Titan tholins: in-situ detection of astrobiologically interesting areas on Titan's surface. Icarus, 2004. 171(2): p. 525-530.
  18. Szczepanski, J., R. Hodyss, J. Fuller, and M. Vala, Infrared absorption spectroscopy of small carbon-sulfur clusters isolated in solid Ar. Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 1999. 103(16): p. 2975-2981.
  19. Szczepanski, J., R. Hodyss, and M. Vala, Isotopic infrared absorption study of C-5(-), C-7(-), and C-9(-) carbon cluster anions in Ar matrices. Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 1998. 102(43): p. 8300-8304.

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