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 Small Bodies (3224): People
Kenneth  Lawrence's Picture
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
M/S 183-501
4800 Oak Grove Drive
Pasadena, CA 91109
Email Contact:

Kenneth Lawrence

  • B.S., Physics, California State University, Fullerton (1990)
  • University of California, Los Angeles; Astronautical Engineering

Research Interests
  • Radar observations of near-Earth asteroids (NEAs)
  • Composition and orbital dynamics of NEAs
  • Titan’s Lakes and Geology

Professional Experience
  • Jet Propulsion Laboratory (1996 - present)

Selected Awards
  • NASA Group Achievement Award - Cassini Solstice Mission, Titan Team (2015)
  • Group Achievement Award for NEAT work (2002)
  • JPL Award for Excellence - Exceptional Quality Award for NEAT work (2002)
  • NASA Group Achievement Award for Stardust work (1999)
  • NASA Group Achievement Award for NEAT work (1997)
  • JPL Award for Excellence for NEAT work (1997)
  • Asteroid (4969) Lawrence named in honor of asteroid work

Selected Publications
  • Solomonidou, A., A. Le Gall, M. J. Malaska, S. P. D. Birch, R. M. C. Lopes, A. Coustenis, S. Rodriguez, S. D. Wall, R. J. Michaelides, M. R. Nasr, C. Elachi, A. G. Hayes, J. M. Soderblom, A. M. Schoenfeld, C. Matsoukas, P. Drossart, M. A. Janssen, K. J. Lawrence, O. Witasse, J. Radebaugh, “Spectral and emissivity analysis of raised ramparts around Titan’s northern lakes.”  In Press, Icarus (2019). 
  • Rożek, A., S. C. Lowry, B. Rozitis, S. F. Green, C. Snodgrass, P. R. Weissman, A. Fitzsimmons,  M. D Hicks, K. J. Lawrence, S. R. Duddy, S. D. Wolters, G. Roberts-Borsani, R. Behrend, F. Manzini, “Physical model of near-Earth asteroid (1917) Cuyo from ground-based optical and thermal-IR observations.”  Astronomy & Astrophysics 627, A172 (2019).
  • Brozović, M., L. A. M. Benner, J. D. Giorgini, S. P. Naidu, M. W. Busch, K. J. Lawrence, J. S. Jao, C. G. Lee, L. G. Snedeker, M. A. Silva, M. A. Slade,  P. W. Chodus, “Goldstone radar observations of horseshoe-orbiting near-Earth asteroid 2013 BS45, a potential mission target.”  AJ 157:24 (2019).
  • Howell, E. S., C Magri, R. J. Vervack Jr., M. C. Nolan, P. A. Taylor, Y. R. Fernandez, M. D. Hicks, J. M. Somers, K. J. Lawrence, A. S. Rivkin, S. E. Marshall, J. L. Crowell, “SHERMAN - a shape-based thermophysical model II: Application to 8567 (1996 HW1).” Icarus 303, (2018) pp. 220 – 233.
  • Solomonidou, A., A. Coustenis, R. M. C. Lopes, M. J. Malaska, S. Rodriguez, P. Drossart, C. Elachi, B. Schmitt, S. Philippe, M. Janssen, M. Hirtzig, S. Wall, C. Sotin, K. Lawrence, N. Altobelli, E. Bratsolis, J. Radebaugh, K. Stephan, R. H. Brown, S. Le Mouelic, A. Le Gall, E. V. Villanueva, J. F. Brossier, A. A. Bloom, O. Witasse, C. Matsoukas, A. Schoenfeld, “The spectral nature of Titan’s major geomorphological units: Constraints of surface composition.”  Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets, 123 (2018), pp. 489-507.
  • Brozović, Marina, L. A. M. Benner, J. G. McMichael, J. D. Giorgini, P. Pravec, P. Scheirich, C. Magri, M. W. Busch, J. S. Jao, C. G. Lee, L. G. Snedeker, M. A. Silva, M. A. Slade, B. Semenov, M. C. Nolan, P. A. Taylor, E. S. Howell, K. J. Lawrence, “Goldstone and Arecibo radar observations of (99942) Apophis in 2012-2013.”  Icarus 300 (2018) pp. 115 – 128.
  • Lawrence, K. J., L. A. M. Benner, M. Brozovic, S. Ostro, J. Jao, J. Giorgini, M. Slade, R. F. Jurgens, M. C. Nolan, E. S. Howell, P. A. Taylor, “Arecibo and Goldstone Radar Images of Near-Earth Asteroid (469896) 2005 WC1.” Icarus 300, (2018) pp. 12 – 20. doi:
  • Marshall, S. E., E. S. Howell, C. Magri, R. J. Vervack, D. B. Campbell, Y. R. Fernandez, M. C. Nolan, J. L. Crowell, M. D. Hicks, K. J. Lawrence, P. A. Taylor, “Thermal Properties and an Improved Shape Model for Near-Earth Asteroid (162421) 2000 ET70.”  Icarus 292, (2017) pp.  22-35.  doi:
  • Brozović, M., L. A. M. Benner, C. Magri, D. J. Scheeres, M. W. Busch, J. D. Giorgini, M. C. Nolan, J. S. Jao, C. G. Lee, L. G. Snedeker, M. A. Silva, K. J. Lawrence, M. A. Slade, M. D. Hicks, E. S. Howell, P. A. Taylor, J. A. Sanchez, V. Reddy, M. Dykhuis, L. Le Corre, “Goldstone radar evidence for short-axis mode non-principal-axis rotation of near-Earth asteroid (214869) 2007 PA8.”  Icarus 286, (2017) pp. 314-329.  doi: 10.1016/j.icarus.2016.10.016
  • Lopes, R. M. C., M. J. Malaska, A. Solomonidou, A. Le Gall, M. A. Janssen, C. D. Neish, E. P. Turtle, S. P. D. Birch, A. G. Hayes, J. Radebaugh, A. Coustenis, A. Schoenfeld, B. W. Stiles, R. L. Kirk, K. L. Mitchell, E. R. Stofan, K. J. Lawrence, “Nature, distribution, and origin of Titan’s Undifferentiated Plains.” Icarus 270, (2016) pp. 162-182. doi:10.1016/j.icarus.2015.11.034
  • Solomonidou, A., A. Coustenis, M. Hirtzig, S. Rodriguez, K. Stephan, R. M. C. Lopes, P. Drossart, C. Sotin, S. Le Mouélic, K. Lawrence, E. Bratsolis, R. Jaumann, R. H. Brown, “Temporal Variations of Titan’s Surface with Cassini/VIMS,” Icarus 270 (2016) pp. 85-99. doi:10.1016/j.icarus.2015.05.003
  • Lawrence, K. J., L. A. M. Benner, M. Brozovic, S. Ostro, J. Jao, J. Giorgini, M. Slade, R. F. Jurgens, “Goldstone Radar Imaging of Near-Earth Asteroid, 2003 MS2,” Icarus 260, (2015) pp.1-6. doi:10.1016/j.icarus.2015.06.001.
  • Hicks, M. D., B. J. Buratti, K. J. Lawrence, J. Hillier, J-Y Li, V. Reddy, S. Schröder, A. Nathues, M. Hoffmann, L. Le Corre, R. Duffard, H-B Zhao, C. Raymond, C. Russell, R. Roatsch, R.  Jaumann, H. Rhoades, D. Mayes, T. Barajas, T-T Truong, J. Foster, A. McAuley, “Spectral diversity and photometric behavior of main-belt and near-Earth vestoids and (4) Vesta: a study in preparation of the Dawn encounter,” Icarus 235, (2014) pp. 60-74. doi:10.1016/j.icarus.2013.11.011
  • Goguen, J. D., B. J. Buratti, R. H. Brown, R. N. Clark, R. D. Nicholson, M. M. Hedman, R. Howell, C. Sotin, D. P. Cruikshank, K. H. Baines, K. J. Lawrence, J. R. Spencer, D. Blackburn, "The Temperature and Width of an Active Fissure on Enceladus Measured with Cassini VIMS during the 14 April 2012 South Pole Flyover,” Icarus 226, (2013) pp. 1128-1137. doi:10.1016/j.icarus.2013.07.012
  • Dalba, P. A., B. J. Buratti, R. H. Brown, J. W. Barnes, K. H. Baines, C. Sotin, R. N. Clark, J. Lawrence, P. D. Nicholson, “ Cassini VIMS Observations Show Ethane is Present in Titan’s Rainfall,” ApJL, 761, 2 (2012). doi:10.1088/2041-8205/761/2/L24.
  • Sotin, C., K. J. Lawrence, B. Reinhardt, J.W. Barnes, R.H. Brown, A.G. Hayes, S. Le Mouélic, B.J. Buratti, R.N. Clark, S. Rodriguez, L.A. Soderblom, R. Jaumann, J.M. Soderblom, K. Stephan, K.H. Baines, P.D. Nicholson, “Observations of Titan’s Northern Lakes at 5 microns: Implications for the Organic Cycle and Geology,” Icarus, 221, 2 (2012) pp. 768-786.
  • Reddy, V., L. Le Corre, M. Hicks, K. Lawrence, B. J. Buratti, P. A. Abell, M. J. Gaffey, P.S. Hardersen,, “Composition of near-Earth Asteroid 2008 EV5: Potential target for robotic and human exploration,” Icarus, 221, 2 (2012) pp. 678 – 681.
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  • Marina Brozovic, Lance A.M. Benner, Patrick A. Taylor, Michael C. Nolan, Ellen S. Howell, Christopher Magri, Daniel J. Scheeres, Jon D. Giorgini, Joseph T. Pollock, Petr Pravec, Adrian Galad, Julia Fang, Jean-Luc Margot, Michael W. Busch, Michael. K. Shepard, Daniel E. Reichart, Kevin M. Ivarsen, Joshua B. Haislip, Aaron P. LaCluyze, Joseph Jao, Martin A. Slade, Kenneth J. Lawrence, Michael D. Hicks, “Radar and Optical Observations and Physical Modeling of the Triple Near-Earth Asteroid (136617) 1994 CC,” Icarus, 216 (2011), pp. 241-256,
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