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 Exoplanet Discovery and Science (3262): People
Vanessa  Bailey's Picture
4800 Oak Grove Drive
Pasadena, CA 91109
Email Contact:
Curriculum Vitae:

Vanessa Bailey

I'm interested in high-contrast imaging of exoplanets, with a focus on instrumentation and survey operations.  During my PhD, I helped to commission the Large Binocular Telescope Interferometer adaptive optics system as well as the MagAO thermal infrared camera, Clio. I also co-lead a debris disk-selected direct imaging survey that yielded a new planet discovery.  As a postdoc, I studied the performance of the Gemini Planet Imager adaptive optics system as related to science data quality. At JPL I am continuing in the same vein, with work to bridge science and engineering requirements for WFIRST CGI.

  • BS, Astrophysics & BS Physics: University of Minnesota - Twin Cities (2009);
  • PhD, Astronomy: University of Arizona (2015)

Research Interests

Adaptive optics, high-contrast imaging techniques, observational tracers of exoplanet formation processes, disk-planet interaction.


Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST) Icon Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST)
The Wide-Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST) is a NASA observatory designed to perform wide-field imaging and surveys of the near infrared (NIR) sky.

Selected Awards

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program; UofA Committee on the Status of Women Minigrant.

Selected Publications

Peer reviewed papers, first author

  1. Bailey, V. P.; Meshkat, T.; Reiter, M.; Morzinski, K.; Males, J.; Su, K. Y. L.; Hinz, P. M.; Kenworthy, M.; Stark, D.; Mamajek, E.; Briguglio, R.; Close, L. M.; Follette, K. B.; Puglisi, A.; Rodigas, T.; Weinberger, A. J.; and Xompero, M. HD 106906 b: A Planetary-mass Companion Outside a Massive Debris Disk. ApJ, 780, L4 (2014). 

  2. Bailey, V. P.; Hinz, P. M.; Currie, T.; Su, K. Y. L.; Esposito, S.; Hill, J. M.; Hoffmann, W. F.; Jones, T.; Kim, J.; Leisenring, J.; Meyer, M.; Murray-Clay, R.; Nelson, M. J.; Pinna, E.; Puglisi, A.; Rieke, G.; Rodigas, T.; Skemer, A.; Skrutskie, M. F.; Vaitheeswaran, V.; and Wilson, J. C. A Thermal Infrared Imaging Study of Very Low Mass, Wide-separation Brown Dwarf Companions to Upper Scorpius Stars: Constraining Circumstellar Environments. ApJ, 767, 31 (2013). 

SPIE Conference proceedings, first author

  1. Bailey, V. P.; Poyneer, L. A.; Macintosh, B. A.; Savransky, D.; Wang, J. J.; De Rosa, R. J.; Follette, K. B.; Ammons, S. M.; Hayward, T.; Ingraham, P.; Maire, J.; Palmer, D. W.; Perrin, M. D.; Rajan, A.; Rantakyro, F. T.; Thomas, S.; and Veran, J.-P. Status and performance of the Gemini Planet Imager adaptive optics system. In Adaptive Optics Systems V, Proc. SPIE, vol. 9909, p. 99090V (2016). 

  2. Bailey, V. P.; Hinz, P. M.; Puglisi, A. T.; Esposito, S.; Vaitheeswaran, V.; Skemer, A. J.; Defrere, D.; Vaz, A.; and Leisenring, J. M. Large binocular telescope interferometer adaptive optics: on-sky performance and lessons learned. In Adaptive Optics Systems IV, Proc. SPIE, vol. 9148, p. 914803 (2014).
  3. Bailey, V. P.; Vaitheeswaran, V.; Codona, J.; Hinz, P.; Durney, O.; Esposito, S.; Pinna, E.; and Puglisi, A. Characterization of synthetic reconstructors for the pyramid wavefront sensor unit of LBTI. In Adaptive Optics Systems II, Proc. SPIE, vol. 7736, p. 77365G (2010).

Peer reviewed papers, second author

  1. Meshkat, T.; Bailey, V. P.; Su, K. Y. L.; Kenworthy, M. A.; Mamajek, E. E.; Hinz, P. M.; and Smith, P. S. Searching for Planets in Holey Debris Disks with the Apodizing Phase Plate. ApJ, 800, 5 (2015). 

  2. Meshkat, T.; Bailey, V. P.; Rameau, J.; Bonnefoy, M.; Boccaletti, A.; Mamajek, E. E.; Kenworthy, M.; Chauvin, G.; Lagrange, A.-M.; Su, K. Y. L.; and Currie, T. Further Evidence of the Planetary Nature of HD 95086 b from Gemini/NICI H-band Data. ApJ, 775, L40 (2013).
  3. Currie, T.; Bailey, V. P.; Fabrycky, D.; Murray-Clay, R.; Rodigas, T.; and Hinz, P. High-contrast 3.8 μm Imaging of the Brown Dwarf/Planet-mass Companion to GJ 758. ApJ, 721, L177 (2010)

Co-author papers

A full list of all publications can be found on my ORCID Profile

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