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The Juno mission is the first competed mission selected for NASA's New Frontiers Program. NASA's solar-powered Juno spacecraft launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida on August 5, 2011. Juno is conducting a first-time, in-depth study of the giant planet. This mission is placing a spacecraft in a polar orbit around Jupiter to investigate the existence of an ice-rock core; determining the amount of global water and ammonia present in the atmosphere; studying convection and deep wind profiles in the atmosphere; investigating the origin of the Jovian magnetic field; and explore the polar magnetosphere.


Photo of Steven Levin
Steven Levin
Origin of the Universe
Photo of Thomas Momary
Thomas Momary
Planetary And Exoplanetary Atmospheres
Photo of Glenn Orton
Glenn Orton
Planetary And Exoplanetary Atmospheres - Group Supervisor
Photo of James Sinclair
James Sinclair
Planetary And Exoplanetary Atmospheres