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Stanley Sander

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4800 Oak Grove Drive
M/S 183-901

Pasadena, CA 91109





Curriculum Vitae:

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Member of:

Science Division
Earth Science

Chief Engineer

Senior Research Scientist


  • B.A. in Physics, Pomona College (1974)
  • M.S. in Environmental Engineering Science, California Institute of Technology (1975)
  • Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering Science, California Institute of Technology (1980)

Professional Experience

  • Jet Propulsion Laboratory
    • Chief Engineer, Science Division (2019-present)
    • Senior Research Scientist (1996-Present)
    • Lead Scientist, Atmospheric Chemistry Research Element (1994-1996)
    • Manager, Atmospheric and Oceanographic Sciences Section (1992-1994)
    • Leader, Chemical Kinetics and Photochemistry Group (1988-Present)
    • Member of the Technical Staff (1979-1988)
    • Research Assistant, Physics Section (1971-1979)
  • University of California at Los Angeles
    • Project Scientist Joint Institute for Regional Earth Science and Engineering (JIFRESSE) (2008-Present)
    • Visiting Lecturer, Department of Atmospheric Sciences 1996
  • California Institute of Technology
    • Visiting Associate in Planetary Science, 1998-present
    • Lecturer in Geology and Planetary Science and Environmental Engineering Science, 1998-2004, 2017
    • Visiting Associate in Chemical Engineering, 1980-1981

Research Interests

  • Laboratory photochemistry, spectroscopy and kinetics studies of elementary processes important in the atmospheres of Earth and the planets
  • Measurements of atmospheric composition by ground-based remote sensing using advanced instrumental methods such as UV-Visible-NIR interferometry, polarimetry and high resolution spectroscopy
  • Analysis of global satellite data to understand mechanisms of atmospheric transformations, dynamics and long-term trends important for tropospheric air quality, solar radiation and climate change

Selected Awards

  • Fellow, American Geophysical Union
  • NASA Group Achievement Award, PanFTS Instrument Development Team (2012)
  • NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal (2011, 2015)
  • NASA Group Achievement Award, TMF NO2 Intercomparison/MOHAVE-II Campaign Teams (2009)
  • NASA Exceptional Service Medal (2007)

NASA Group Achievement Award, Aura Tropospheric Emission Spectrometer Instrument Team and Ground Data System Development Team (2005)

Selected Publications

  1. Natraj, V., Luo, M., Blavier, J-F, Payne, V. H., Posselt, D. J., Sander, S. P., Zeng, Z-C, Neu, J. L., Tremblay, D., Wu, L., Roman, J. A., Wu, Y-H and Dorsky, L. I.; Simulated multispectral temperature and atmospheric composition retrievals for the JPL GEO-IR sounder; Atmos. Meas. Tech., 2022, 15, 1251-1267 [link]
  2. Zhang, X., Berkinsky, D., Markus, C. R., Chitturi, S. R., Grieman, F. J., Okumura, M., Luo, Y., Yung, Y. L. and Sander, S. P.; Reaction of methane and UV-activated perchlorate: Relevance to heterogeneous loss of methane in the atmosphere of Mars; Icarus; 2022, 376, 114832 [link]
  3. Li, K. F., Khoury, R., Pongetti, T. J., Sander, S. P., Mills, F. P. and Yung, Y. L.; Diurnal variability of stratospheric column NO2 measured using direct solar and lunar spectra over Table Mountain, California (34.38 degrees N); Atmos. Meas. Tech.; 2021, 14, 7495-7510 [link]
  4. Laughner, J. L., Neu, J. L., Schimel, D., Wennberg, P.O., ……., Sander, S. P.; Societal shifts due to COVID-19 reveal large-scale complexities and feedbacks between atmospheric chemistry and climate change; Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci; 2021, 118 [link]
  5. Zeng, Z-C, Natraj, V., Xu, F., Chen, S., Gong, F-Y, Pongetti, T. J., Sung, K., Toon, G., Sander, S. P. and Yung, Y. L.; GFIT3: A full physics retrieval algorithm for remote sensing of greenhouse gases in the presence of aerosols; Atmos. Meas. Tech.; 2021, 14, 6483-6507 [link]
  6. Choi, M., Sander, S. P., Spurr, R. J. D., Pongetti, T. J., van Harten, G., Drouin, B. J., Diner, D. J., Crisp, D., Eldering, A., Kalashnikova, O. V., Jiang, J. H., Hyon, J. J. and Fu, D.; Aerosol profiling using radiometric and polarimetric spectral measurements in the O2 near infrared bands: Estimation of information content and measurement uncertainties; Remote Sensing of Environment; 2021, 253, 112179 [link]
  7. Yang, J., Wen, Y., Wang, Y., Zhang, S., Pinto, J. P., Pennington, E. A., Wang, Z., Wu, Y., Sander, S. P., Jiang, J. H., Hao, J., Yung, Y. L. and Seinfeld, J. H.; From COVID-19 to future electrification: Assessing traffic impacts on air quality by a machine-learning model; Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci; 2021, 118 [link]
  8. Addington, O., Zeng, Z-C, Pongetti, R., Shia, R-L, Gurney, K. R., Liang, J, Roest, G., He, L., Yung, Y. L. and Sander, S. P.; Estimating nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions for the Los Angeles megacity using mountaintop remote sensing observations; Remote Sensing of Environment; 2021, 259, 112351 [link]
  9. Winiberg, F. A. F., Zuraski, K., Liu, Y., Sander, S. P. and Percival, C. J.; Pressure and temperature dependencies of rate coefficients for the reaction OH + NO2 + M -> products; J. Phys. Chem. A; 2020, 124, 10121-10131 [link]
  10. Zuraski, K., Hui, A. O., Grieman, F. J., Darby, E., Møller, K. H., Winiberg, F. A. F., Percival, C. J., Smarte, M. D., Okumura, M., Kjaergaard, H. G. and Sander, S. P.; Acetonyl peroxy and hydro peroxy self- and cross-reactions: kinetics, mechanism, and chaperone enhancement from the perspective of the hydroxyl radical product; J. Phys. Chem. A; 2020, 124, 8128-8143 [link]
  11. Wang, S., Li, K-F, Zhu, D., Sander, S. P., Yung, Y. L., Pazmino, A. and Querel, R.; Solar 11-Year cycle signal in stratospheric nitrogen dioxide—similarities and discrepancies between model and NDACC observations; Solar Phys.; 2020, 295 [link]
  12. Zeng, Z-C, Wang, Y., Pongetti, T. J., Gong, F-Y, Newman, S., Li, Y., Natraj, V., Shia, R-L, Yung, Y. L. and Sander, S. P.; Tracking the atmospheric pulse of a North American megacity from a mountaintop remote sensing observatory; Remote Sensing of Environment; 2020, 248 [link]
  13. Cusworth, D. H., Duren, R. M., Yadav, V., Thorpe, A. K., Verhulst, K., Sander, S., Hopkins, F., Rafiq, T. and Miller, C. E.; Synthesis of methane observations across scales: strategies for deploying a multitiered observing network; Geophys. Res. Lett.;2020 [link]
  14. Zeng, Z-C, Xu, F., Natraj, V., Pongetti, T. J., Shia, R-L, Zhang, Q., Sander, S. P. and Yung, Y. L.; Remote sensing of angular scattering effect of aerosols in a North American megacity; Remote Sensing of Environment; 2020, [link]
  15. Wang, J., Zhou, M., Xu, X., Roudini, S., Sander, S. P., Pongetti, T. J., Miller, S. D., Reid, J. S., Hyer, E. and Spurr, R.; Development of a nighttime shortwave radiative transfer model for remote sensing of nocturnal aerosols and fires from VIIRS; Remote Sensing of Environment; 2020, 242 [link]
  16. Zeng, Z. C., Chen, S., Natraj, V., Le, T., Xu, F., Merrelli, A., Crisp, D., Sander, S. P. and Yung, Y. L.; Constraining the vertical distribution of coastal dust aerosol using OCO-2 O2 A-band measurements; Remote Sensing of Environment; 2020, 242 [link]