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Megacities Carbon Project

Megacities Carbon Project Project Logo

The Megacities Carbon Project is being established for the megacities of Los Angeles and Paris, and will leverage robust methods for assessing carbon emissions and rapid improvements in measurement technology to monitor the atmospheric trends of carbon attributed to the world's largest cities.

A key element of the Megacities Carbon Project is JPL's California Laboratory for Atmospheric Remote Sensing (CLARS) on Mt. Wilson overlooking the Los Angeles basin. Observations from CLARS are used to quantify the emissions of greenhouse gases and pollutants in LA, and to test new approaches for global measurements from satellites.

Riley Duren (8X) is the Principal Investigator for the Megacities Carbon Project.

Science Division Participants are listed below.


Photo of Annmarie Eldering
Annmarie Eldering
Earth Science - OCO-3 Project Scientist
Photo of Dejian Fu
Dejian Fu
Laboratory Studies And Atmospheric Observations
Photo of Charles Miller
Charles Miller
Carbon Cycle And Ecosystems - Deputy Science Lead, Arctic Boreal Vulnerability Experiment (ABoVE) Principal Investigator
Photo of Thomas Pongetti
Thomas Pongetti
Laboratory Studies And Atmospheric Observations
Photo of Stanley Sander
Stanley Sander
Science Division - Chief Engineer
Earth Science - Senior Research Scientist