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Earth Science: People

Photo of Susan Owen
Susan Owen
Section Manager
Photo of Brian Drouin
Brian Drouin
Deputy Section Manager
Photo of Victor Zlotnicki
Victor Zlotnicki
Assistant Section Manager. Discipline Program Manager.
Photo of David Crisp
David Crisp
Senior Research Scientist
Photo of David Diner
David Diner
Photo of Annmarie Eldering
Annmarie Eldering
OCO-3 Project Scientist
Photo of David Halpern
David Halpern
Senior Research Scientist
Photo of Nathaniel Livesey
Nathaniel Livesey
Principal Investigator, Aura Microwave Limb Sounder
Photo of Stanley Sander
Stanley Sander
Senior Research Scientist
Photo of Joao Teixeira
Joao Teixeira
AIRS Science Team Leader
Photo of Simon Yueh
Simon Yueh
Senior Research Scientist