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Sea Level And Ice


Our group develops and uses the remotely sensed data products and measurements for sea level change analysis as well as Earth system models for ocean and ice.

  • How fast is sea level rising and how large are the different contributions (ocean heat vs. water mass flux)?
  • What are the processes forcing the regional distribution of sea level change and water mass contributions from land hydrology and melting ice?
  • How do the ocean and ice sheets interact to drive sea level change?

Sea Level And Ice: Missions and Projects

The group’s research focuses on improving current estimates of sea level change and its contributions using remotely sensed data. This includes analyses of sea surface height (Altimetry Missions), ocean heat content (ARGO) and mass (GRACE/G-FO) as well as contributions from ice sheets and glaciers (ICESat-1/2, ICEBridge, GRACE/G-FO). As a framework to integrate the observations, the group also develops data assimilating ocean (ECCO2) and ice sheet (ISSM) models, which provide a comprehensive view of the state of the ocean and the ice.