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Jason-3 Project Logo

Jason-3 is a follow on to the Ocean Surface Topography Mission on the Jason-2 satellite (OSTM/Jason-2; hereafter referred to as Jason-2) and represents the first truly operational satellite altimeter for oceanography applications. As an international cooperative mission between NASA, CNES, NOAA, and Eumetsat, Jason-3 will continue the decades-long measurements of sea surface height begun by Topex/Poseidon (1992}, Jason-1 (2001), and Jason-2 (2008).

To conduct its high-precision altimetry mission, Jason-3 is planned to carry the same kind of payload as its predecessors. Payload instruments include a Poseidon-class radar altimeter to measure sea-surface height; an advanced microwave radiometer to measure and correct for water vapor along the altimeter's path; and three geo-location systems to ensure accurate knowledge of the satellite's position along its orbit. Jason-3 will operate in the same orbit as Jason-2 and will collect data in the same format, measuring sea surface height with an accuracy of 3.4 cm each second and covering the global ocean once every ten days. Long-time users, and those just discovering the value of Jason sea surface height data can look forward to many more years of high-quality data for scientific, commercial, and practical applications. Jason-3 is currently projected to launch in 2015.


Josh Willis
Sea Level And Ice - Project Scientist - Jason-CS