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Laboratory Studies And Atmospheric Observations


The group comprises several well-trained teams of experts in chemical physics and/or instrumentation that apply their skills to the latest needs of NASA missions.  Whether it is daily observations, field campaigns, or state-of-the-art laboratory research, the Laboratory Studies and Atmospheric Observations group provides high quality metrics that NASA missions rely on for calibration, validation and new science.

  • What are the magnitudes and uncertainties of spectral parameters needed to relate remotely sensed measurements to atmospheric composition?
  • What field measurements will validate and extend the impact of satellite mission data?
  • What spectroscopic instrumentation will be used in future composition measurements? How will it be built, tested and proven?
  • Which photochemical data and reaction rates are reliable for understanding atmospheric processes?

Laboratory Studies And Atmospheric Observations: Missions and Projects

The diversity of this group is reflected in the variety of instrumentation and data sources that are listed here: