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Sunanda Sharma

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4800 Oak Grove Drive

Pasadena, CA 91109


(626) 298-4302


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Curriculum Vitae:

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Planetary Geosciences


I am an interdisciplinary scientist focusing on astrobiology research and currently supporting the SHERLOC instrument on Mars 2020. In my research, I aim to understand the limits of life and the detection of biosignatures in extreme and Mars environments. I am passionate about interdisciplinary research and practice bio-integrated design to promote greater inclusion and understanding across fields and audiences.


  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, PhD (2020)
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MS (2016)
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, BS (2014)

Professional Experience

  • 2021-present: JPL Postdoctoral Scholar
  • 2020-present: Research Affiliate, MIT Space Exploration Initiative
  • 2021: Artist-in-Residence, Applied and Molecular Microbiology, TU Berlin
  • 2020-2021: Owner & Scientific Consultant, ex situ bio
  • 2020: Lead Scientist, Oxman (NYC)

Community Service

● Explore JPL (2023)

● JPL Mars 2020 Science Outreach, Exploratorium (2022)

● Biodesign Challenge Expert (2022)

● MIT Educational Counselor (2021-present)

● Intel Society for Science Alumni Classroom Volunteer (2021)

● MIT Media Lab Outreach (2014-2020)

● MIT Students Offering Support program (2014-2020)

Research Interests

Astrobiology, microbiology, microbial pigmentation, microscopy, spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, 3D printing, biodesign, computational image analysis, bioengineering

Selected Awards

  • Mars 2020 JPL Excellence Award for SHERLOC Operations Team (2023)
  • Marie Sklodowska-Curie Seal of Excellence for Project 101032466, COLORSIGNS (2021)
  • MIT Graduate Woman of Excellence (2017)
  • Materials Research Society Travel Award (2017)
  • MIT Media Lab Departmental Advisory Committee and Funding Award (2016)
  • MIT Undergraduate Research Award (2014)

Selected Publications

  1. Simon J, Hickman-Lewis K, Cohen B, Mayhew L, Shuster D, Debaille V, Hausrath E, Weiss B, Bosak T, Zorzano M, Amundsen H, Beagle L, Bell III J, Benison K, Berger E, Beyssac O, Brown A, Calef F, Casademont T, Clark B, Clave E, Crumpler L, Czaja A, Fairen A, Farley K, Flannery D, Fornaro T, Forni O, Gomez F, Goreva Y, Gorin A, Hand K, Hamran S, Henneke J, Herd C, Horgan B, Johnson J, Joseph J, Kronyak R, Madariaga JM, Maki J, Mandon L, McCubbin F, McLennan S, Moeller R, Newman C, Nunez J, Pascuzzo A, Pedersen D, Poggiali G, Pinet P, Quantin-Nataf C, Rice M, Rice Jr. J, Royer C, Schmidt M, Sephton M, Sharma S, Siljestrom S, Stack K, Steele A, Sun V, Udry A, VanBommel S, Wadhwa M, Wiens R, Williams A, Williford K. (2023) Samples collected from the Floor of Jezero crater with the Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover. JGR Planets, doi: 10.1029/2022JE007474.
  2. Corpolongo A*, Jakubek RS*, Abbey W, Asher S, Baker D, Beegle LW, Berger EL, Bhartia R, Brown A, Burton A, Bykov S, Cardarelli E, Cloutis E, Conrad P, Czaja AD, DeFlores L, Flannery D, Fornaro T, Fox A, Fries M, Haney N, Hickman-Lewis K, Lee C, McCubbin FM, Minitti M, Morris R, Roppel R, Scheller EL, Sharma S, Shkolyar S, Siljestrom S, Steadman K, Steele A, Uckert K, Wogsland B, Yanchilina A. (2023) SHERLOC Raman minerals detections of the Mars 2020 Crater floor campaign. JGR Planets, doi: 10.1029/2022JE007455. (*joint first authors)
  3. Harfouche M*, Kim K*, Zhou KC, Konda PC, Sharma S, Thomson EE, Cooke C, Xu S, Yang X, Yao X, Pathak V, Appel R, Cooke C, Doman J, Horstmeyer G, Park J, Reamey P, Saliu V, Naumann E, Horstmeyer R. (2023) Multi-scale gigapixel microscopy using a multi-camera array microscope. Optica, doi: 10.1364/OPTICA.478010.
  4. Thomson EE, Harfouche M, Kim K, Konda PC, Seitz CW, Cooke C, Xu S, Jacobs WS, Blazing R, Chen Y, Sharma S, Dunn TW, Park J, Horstmeyer R, Naumann EA. (2022) Gigapixel behavioral and neural activity imaging with a multi-camera array microscope. eLife, doi: 10.7554/eLife.74988.
  5. Scheller EL*, Razzell Hollis J*, Cardarelli EL, Steele A, Beegle LW, Bhartia R, Conrad P, Uckert K, Sharma S, Berger EL, Burton AS, Ehlmann BL, Fornaro T, Fries M, Kah L, Kizovski T, McCubbin FM, Moore K, Roppel R, Siljeström S, Wogsland B, and the SHERLOC Team. (2022) Aqueous Alteration Processes and Implications for Organic Geochemistry in Jezero Crater, Mars. Science, doi: 10.1126/science.abo5204. (*joint first authors)
  6. Razzell Hollis J, Sharma S, Abbey W, Bhartia R, Fries M, Beegle L. (2022) A Deep-Ultraviolet Raman and Fluorescence Spectral Library of 51 Organic Compounds for the SHERLOC instrument onboard Mars 2020 Astrobiology, doi: 10.1089/ast.2022.0023.
  7. Moore KR, Present T, Pavia F, Grotzinger J, Razzell Hollis J, Sharma S, Flannery D, Bosak T, Tuite M, Knoll AH, Williford K. (2022) Biosignature preservation aided by organic-cation interactions in Proterozoic tidal environments. Palaios, doi: 10.2110/palo.2022.017.
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  11. 11.Sharma S, Meyer V. (2022) The Colors of Life: An interdisciplinary artist-in-residence project to research fungal pigments as a gateway to empathy and understanding of microbial life. Fungal Biology and Biotechnology 9:1, doi: 10.1186/s40694-021-00130-7.
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