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Mars 2020

Mars 2020 Project Logo

NASA's Mars 2020 mission will build upon many discoveries from the Curiosity Mars rover and the two Mars Exploration Rovers, Spirit and Opportunity by taking the next key steps in our understanding of Mars' potential as a habitat for past or present life. Searching for scientific clues to answer this question means delving into the planet's geologic and climate history to find out how, when, and why Mars underwent dramatic changes to become the harsh planet we observe today. The Mars 2020 rover is designed to seek signs of past life on Mars, collect and store a set soil and rock samples that could be returned to Earth in the future, and test new technology to benefit future robotic and human exploration of Mars.


Photo of Bethany Ehlmann
Bethany Ehlmann
Planetary Science - JPL Affiliate, Caltech Professor of Planetary Science
Photo of Samantha Gwizd
Samantha Gwizd
Planetary Geosciences
Photo of Kevin Hand
Kevin Hand
Science Division - Deputy Project Scientist, Europa
Photo of Libby Ives
Libby Ives
Planetary Geosciences
Photo of David Kass
David Kass
Planetary And Exoplanetary Atmospheres
Photo of Yang Liu
Yang Liu
Planetary Geosciences - Group Supervisor
Photo of Daniel Nunes
Daniel Nunes
Planetary Interiors and Geophysics - VERITAS Deputy Project Scientist
Photo of Jeff Osterhout
Jeff Osterhout
Planetary Geosciences
Photo of Jeffrey Schroeder
Jeffrey Schroeder
Planetary Geosciences
Photo of Michael Tuite
Michael Tuite
Laboratory Studies