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InSight (Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport) is a NASA Discovery Program mission that landed a single geophysical lander on Mars to study its deep interior in November, 2018. But InSight is more than a Mars mission - it is a terrestrial planet explorer that will address one of the most fundamental issues of planetary and solar system science - understanding the processes that shaped the rocky planets of the inner solar system (including Earth) more than four billion years ago.

By using sophisticated geophysical instruments, InSight delves deep beneath the surface of Mars, detecting the fingerprints of the processes of terrestrial planet formation, as well as measuring the planet's "vital signs": Its "pulse" (seismology), "temperature" (heat flow probe), and "reflexes" (precision tracking). InSight has revealed details about Mars interior from crust to core and measured the planet’s current seismic activity. InSight completed its primary mission in 2020, and entered a 2-year extended mission at the beginning of 2021


Photo of Salma Barkaoui
Salma Barkaoui
Sea Level And Ice - JPL Postdoctoral Fellow
Photo of Matthew Golombek
Matthew Golombek
Planetary Geosciences
Photo of Jeffrey Hein
Jeffrey Hein
Laboratory Studies
Photo of David Kass
David Kass
Planetary And Exoplanetary Atmospheres
Photo of Ceri Nunn
Ceri Nunn
Planetary Interiors and Geophysics
Photo of Mark Panning
Mark Panning
Planetary Interiors and Geophysics
Photo of Sylvain Piqueux
Sylvain Piqueux
Planetary And Exoplanetary Atmospheres
Photo of Sophal Pou
Sophal Pou
Planetary Interiors and Geophysics
Photo of Suzanne Smrekar
Suzanne Smrekar
Planetary Interiors and Geophysics - Principal Investigator, VERITAS