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Origin of the Universe


The Origin of the Universe Group (3268) aims to characterize the fundamental origin and composition of the universe, from the inflationary era onwards, through development and implementation of enabling detector technologies and instrumentation, observations of the universe on large scales as well as distant objects revealed through the same observations.

Key science questions our group is focused to addressing include:

  • What is the origin of the Universe?
  • What is the nature of Dark Energy?
  • What will gravitational waves reveal?

Origin of the Universe: Missions and Projects

The scientific expertise and research activity of the group members include:

The group utilizes microwave observatories in space to investigate both the Cosmic Microwave Background and atmospheres and surfaces of solar system objects. The group is also developing methods for use of weak gravitational lensing to determine the evolution of the distribution of mass in the Universe. The Cassini radiometer is determining the properties of Titan’s surface and Saturn’s deep atmosphere, and for Juno the radiometer will probe the deep atmosphere of Jupiter. The Group, with roles in LIGO and LISA Pathfinder is looking for first detection of gravitational waves. Theoreticians and modelers in the group are developing powerful statistical and theoretical methods to better utilize and combine data sets to constrain cosmological properties.