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Pictured below are employees in the JPL Science Division Office. If you know the name of the scientist you are seeking, or the discipline that they practice, enter this information using the "Name" field. If you would like to find a scientist in one of the Sections, choose "Show results from the entire Science Division."

Photo of Bonnie Buratti

Bonnie Buratti

Senior Research Scientist, JPL Fellow, Europa Clipper Deputy Project Scientist

Photo of Leonidas Moustakas

Leonidas Moustakas

Deputy Division Manager

Photo of Geoffrey James

Geoffrey James

Assistant Division Manager

Photo of Lee-Lueng Fu

Lee-Lueng Fu

JPL Fellow. Senior Research Scientist.

Photo of Kevin Hand

Kevin Hand

Deputy Project Scientist, Europa

Photo of Simon Hook

Simon Hook

Senior Research Scientist

Photo of Robert Pappalardo

Robert Pappalardo

Europa Mission Project Scientist

Photo of Jason Rhodes

Jason Rhodes

Senior Research Scientist

Photo of Stanley Sander

Stanley Sander

Chief Engineer
Earth Science - Senior Research Scientist

Photo of Chris Webster

Chris Webster

JPL Fellow and Senior Research Scientist