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 Exoplanet Discovery and Science (3262): People
Yasuhiro  Hasegawa's Picture
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
M/S 169-238
4800 Oak Grove Drive
Pasadena, CA 91109
Email Contact:
Curriculum Vitae:

Yasuhiro Hasegawa

  • Ph.D., McMaster University, Canada (2012)
  • M.Sc., McMaster University, Canada (2008)
  • B.Sc., Tokyo University of Science, Japan (2006)

Research Interests

Formation of stars and planetary systems; Evolution of protoplantary disks, planetary systems, and planetary amospheres; and Origins of the solar system

Professional Experience
  • JPL: Staff Scientists, 2017-present, Exoplanetary Science Initiative Postdoctoral Fellow, 2015-2017
  • EACOA Postdoctoral Fellow, 2012-2015
  • National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ), 2014-2015
  • Academia Sinica, Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics (ASIAA), 2012-2014

Selected Awards

CASCA Plaskett Medal for the best PhD thesis in Canada (2013)

Selected Publications

Refereed Publications:

28. Hasegawa, Y.*, Okuzumi, S., Flock, M., & Turner, N. J. (2017), "Magnetically Induced Disk Winds and Transport in the HL Tau Disk", ApJ, 845, 31 (13 pages, link)
27. Liu, H. B., Vorobyov, E. I., Dong, R., Dunham, M. M., Takami, M., Galvan-Madrid, R., Hashimoto, J., Kospal, A., Henning, T., Tamura, M., Rodriguez, L. F., Hirano, N., Hasegawa, Y., Fukagawa, M., Carrasco-Gonzalez, C., & Tazzari, M. (2017), "A Concordant Scenario to Explain FU Ori from Deep Centimeter and Millimeter Interferometric Observations", A&A, 602, 19 (10 pages, link)
26. Li, J. I-H.**, Liu, H. B., Hasegawa, Y., & Hirano, N. (2017), "Systematic Analysis of Spectral Energy Distributions and the Dust Opacity Indices for Class 0 Young Stellar Objects", ApJ, 840, 72 (12 pages, link)
25. Long, Z. C., Fernandes, R. B., Sitko, M., Wanger, K., Muto, T., Hashimoto, J., Follette, K., Grady, C. A., Fukagawa, M., Hasegawa, Y., Kluska, J., Kraus, S., Miyama, S., McElwain, M. W., Oh, D., Tamura, M., Uyama, T., Wisniewski, J. P., & Yang, Y. (2017) "The Shadow Knows: Using Shadows to Investigate the Structure of the Pretransitional Disk of HD 100453", ApJ, 838, 62 (11 pages, link)
24. Matsumoto, Y., Oshino, S., Hasegawa, Y., & Wakita, S., (2017), "Chondrule Accretion with a Growing Protoplanet", ApJ, 837, 103 (13 pages, link)
23. Harada, N., Hasegawa, Y., Aikawa, Y., Hirashita, H., Liu, H. B., & Hirano, N. (2017), "E ects of Grain Growth on Molecular Abundances in Young Stellar Objects", ApJ, 837, 78 (17 pages, link)
22. Wakita, S., Nozawa, T., & Hasegawa, Y. (2017), "Di usion of Oxygen Isotopes in Thermally Evolving Planetesimals and Size Ranges of Presolar Silicate Grains", ApJ, 836, 106 (6 pages, link)
21. Wakita, S., Matsumoto, Y., Oshino, S., & Hasegawa, Y. (2017), "Planetesimal Collisions as a Chondrule Forming Event", ApJ, 834, 125 (8 pages, link)
20. Akiyama, E., Hashimoto, J., Liu, H. B., Li, I-H., Bonnefoy, M., Dong, R., Hasegawa, Y., Henning, T., Sitko, M. L., Janson, M., Feldt, M., Wisniewski, J. P., Kudo, T., Kusakabe, N., Tsukagoshi, T., Momose, M., Muto, T., Taki, T., Kuzuhara, M., Mayama, S., Takami, M., Ohashi, N., Grady, C. A., Kwon, J., Thalmann, C., Abe, L., Brandner, W., Brandt, T. D., Carson, J. C., Egner, S., Goto, M., Guyon, O., Hayano, Y., Hayashi, M., Hayashi, S. S., Hodapp, K. W., Ishii, M., Iye, M., Knapp, G. R., Kandori, R., Matsuo, T., McElwain, M. W., Miyama, S., Morino, J.-I., Moro-Martin, A., Nishimura, T., Pyo, T.-S., Serabyn, E., Suenaga, T., Suto, H., Suzuki, R., Takahashi, Y. H., Takato, N., Terada, H., Tomono, D., Turner, E. L., Watanabe, M., Yamada, T., Takami, H., Usuda, T., & Tamura, M. (2016), "Spiral Structure and
Di erential dust size Distribution in the LkHa 330 Disk", AJ, 152, 222 (7 pages, link)
19. Hasegawa, Y.* (2016), "Super-Earths as Failed Cores in Orbital Migration Traps", ApJ, 832, 83 (18 pages, link)
18. Liu, H. B., Lai, S.-Pi., Hasegawa, Y., Hirano, N., Rao, R., Li, I-H., Fukagawa, M., Girart, Carrasco-Gonzalez, C., & Rodriguez, L. F. (2016). "Detection of Linearly Polarized 6.9 mm Continuum Emission from the Class 0 Young Stellar Object NGC1333 IRAS4A", ApJ, 821, 41 (9 pages, link)
17. Hasegawa, Y.*, Turner, N. J., Masiero, J., Wakita, S., Matsumoto, Y., & Os-hino, S. (2016), "Forming Chondrites in a Solar Nebula with Magnetically induced Turbulence", ApJ, 820, L12 (6 pages, link)
16. Akiyama, E., Hasegawa, Y., Hayashi, M., & Iguchi, S. (2016), "Planet System Formation in Protoplanetary Disk around HL Tauri", ApJ, 818, 158 (9 pages, link)
15. Liu, H. B., Galvan-Madrid, R., Vorobyov, E. I., Kospal, A., Rodriguez, L. F., Dunham, M. M., Hirano, N., Henning, T., Takami, M., Dong, R., Hashimoto, J., Hasegawa, Y., & Carrasco-Gonzalez, C. (2016), "Absence of Signi cant Cold Disks
in Young Stellar Objects Exhibiting Repetitive Optical Outbursrs", ApJ, 816, L29 (6 pages, link)
14. Hasegawa, Y.*, Wakita, S., Matsumoto, Y., & Oshino, S. (2016), "Chondrule Formation via Impact Jetting Triggered by Planetary Accretion", ApJ, 816, 8 (14 pages, link)
13. Hasegawa, Y.*, & Takeuchi, T. (2015) ,"Viscous Instability Triggered by Layered Accretion in Protoplanetary Disks", ApJ, 815, 99 (9 pages, link)
12. Nozawa, T., Wakita, S., Hasegawa, Y. & Kozasa, T. (2015), "Probing the Physi-cal Conditions of Supernova Ejecta with the Measured Sizes of Presolar Al2O3 Grains", ApJL, 811, L39 (5 pages, link)
11. Galvan-Madrid, R., Liu, H. B., Manara, C. F., Forbrich, J., Pascucci, I., Carrasco-Gonzalez, C., Goddi, C.,  Hasegawa, Y., Takami, M., & Testi, L. (2014), "Constraints on Photoevaporation Models from (Lack of) Radio Emission in the Corona Austrails Protoplanetary Disks", A&A, 570, L9 (5 pages, link)
10. Takami, M., Hasegawa, Y., Muto, T., Gu, P.-G., Dong, R., Karr, J. L., Hashimoto, J., Kusakabe, N., Chapillon, E., Tang, Y.-W., Itoh, Y.,; Carson, J., Follette, K. B., Mayama, S., Sitko, M., Janson, M., Grady, C. A., Kudo, T., Akiyama, E., Kwon, J., Takahashi, Y., Suenaga, T., Abe, L., Brandner, W., Brandt, T. D., Currie, T., Egner, S. E., Feldt, M., Guyon, O., Hayano, Y., Hayashi, M., Hayashi, S., Henning, T., Hodapp, K. W., Honda, M., Ishii, M., Iye, M., Kandori, R., Knapp, G. R., Kuzuhara, M., McEl- wain, M. W., Matsuo, T., Miyama, S., Morino, J.-I., Moro-Martin, A., Nishimura, T., Pyo, T.-S., Serabyn, E., Suto, H., Suzuki, R., Takato, N., Terada, H., Thalmann, C., Tomono, D., Turner, E. L., Wisniewski, J. P., Watanabe, M., Yamada, T., Takami, H., Usuda, T., & Tamura, M. (2014), "Surface Geometry of Protoplanetary Disks Inferred From Near-Infrared Imaging Polarimetry", ApJ, 795, 71 (21 pages, link)
9. Hasegawa, Y.* & Pudrtiz, R. E. (2014), "Planet Traps and Planetary Cores: Origins of the Planet-Metallicity Correlation", ApJ, 794, 25 (18 pages, link)
8. Hasegawa, Y.* & Hirashita, H. (2014), "Planet Traps and First Planets: the Critical Metallicity for Gas Giant Formation", ApJ, 788, 62 (9 pages, link)
7. Hasegawa, Y.* & Pudrtiz, R. E. (2013), "Planetary Populations in the Mass- Period Diagram: A Statistical Treatment of Exoplanet Formation and the Role of Planet Traps", ApJ, 778, 78 (16 pages, link)
6. Hasegawa, Y.* & Ida, S. (2013), "Do Giant Planets Survive Type II Migration?", ApJ, 774, 146 (9 pages, link)
5. Hasegawa, Y.* & Pudritz, R. E. (2012), "Evolutionary Tracks of Trapped, Ac- creting Protoplanets: the Origin of the Observed Mass-Period Relation", ApJ, 760, 117 (18 pages, link)
4. Hasegawa, Y.* & Pudritz, R. E. (2011), "The Origin of Planetary System Architectures -I. Multiple Planet Traps in Gaseous Discs", MNRAS, 417, 1236 (24 pages, link)
3. Hasegawa, Y.* & Pudritz, R. E. (2011), "Dust Settling and Rapid Planetary Migration", MNRAS, 413, 286 (15 pages, link)
2. Hasegawa, Y.* & Pudritz, R. E. (2010), "Dead Zones as Thermal Barriers to Rapid Planetary Migration in Protoplanetary Disks", ApJ, 710, L167 (5 pages, link)
1. Hasegawa, Y.* & Pudritz, R. E. (2010), "Radiatively Heated, Protoplanetary Discs with Dead Zones -I. Dust Settling and Thermal Structure of Discs around M Stars", MNRAS, 401, 143 (17 pages, link)

In Preparation

3. Wakita, S., Hasegawa, Y., & Nozawa, T. (2017), "Fractional Abundance of Chondritic Types in Planetesimal Evolution", to be submitted to ApJ
2. Hasegawa, Y.*, Morishima, R., Nozawa, T., & Wakita, S. (2017), "Planetesimals Sizes and Mars Formation in the Turbulent Solar Nebua", to be submitted
1. Sengupta, D.**, Dodson-Robinson, S., Turner, N. J., & Hasegawa, Y. (2017), "Grain Growth and Settling: Implications for Giant Planet Formation", to be submitted to ApJ

Conference Proceedings

8. Hasegawa, Y.*, Li, I-H., & Okuzumi, S., "Dust Growth and Magnetic Fields: from Cores to Disks (even down to Planets)", Proceedings of the Star Formation in Di erent Environments, ICISE, Quy Nhon, Vietnam, 2017, in press (arXiv:1707.04110)
7. Hasegawa, Y.*, Matsumoto, Y.,Wakita, S., Oshino, S., Turner, N. J., and Masiero, J., "Impact Jetting and the Origin of Ordinary Chondrites", Proceedings of Chondrules as Astrophysical Objects Conference, Vancouver, Canada, 1975, 2011
6. Wakita, S., Nozawa, T., & Hasegawa, Y., "Di usion Process in Thermally Evolving Planetesimals for Presolar Silicate Grains", Proceedings of 48th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, 1964, 1279
5. Wakita, S., Matsumoto, Y., Oshino, S., & Hasegawa, Y., "Planetesimal Collisions as a Heating Event for Chondrule Formation", Proceedings of 47th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, 1903, 1078
4. Hasegawa, Y.* & Pudritz, R. E. (2014), "Dust in Protoplanetary Disks: A Clue as to the Critical Mass of Planetary Cores", Proceedings of The Life Cycle of Dust in the Universe: Observations, Theory, and Laboratory Experiments, 270, 36
3. Hasegawa, Y.* & Pudritz, R. E. (2013), "Disk Inhomogeneities and the Origins of Planetary System Architectures and Observational Properties", Proceedings of IAU Symposium No. 299, 190
2. Pudritz, R. E. & Hasegawa, Y. (2013), "Protostellar Disks, Planet Traps, and the Origins of Exoplanetary Systems ", Proceedings of IAU Symposium No. 299, 365
1. Hasegawa, Y.* & Pudritz, R. E. (2011), "Dead Zones and the Diversity of Exoplanetary Systems", Proceedings of IAU Symposium No. 276, 431

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