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Thangasamy Velusamy

Photo of Thangasamy Velusamy


4800 Oak Grove Drive
M/S 169-506

Pasadena, CA 91109





Member of:

Interstellar and Heliospheric Physics


  • B.Sc, Physics, St.John's College (Madras University), Palayamkottai, India (1961)
  • M.Sc, Physics, Madras Christian College (Madras University), Madras, India (1964)
  • Ph.D, Astronomy, University of Maryland, College Park, Md (1973)

Professional Experience

  • Jet Propulsion Laboratory (1992-Present)
    • Principal Scientist, Astrophysics (2001-Present)
    • Research Scientist, Astrophysics (1995-2001)
    • NRC Senior Research Associate (1992-1995)
  • Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Bombay (1965-1992)
    • Professor & Director of Ooty Radio Observatory (1989-1992)
    • Research Associate/Reader/Associate Professor (1965-1988)
  • University of Maryland, College Park, MD
    • Research Associate (1979-1981)
    • Graduate Student & Research Assistant (1969-1973)
  • Radio Sterrenwacht Dwingeloo, The Netherlands, Visiting Scientist (Fall 1977)
  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Livermore, CA, Visiting Scientist (Summer 1987 & 1989)
  • Department of Terrestrial Magnetism Carnegie Institution, Washington D.C, Visiting Scientist (Summer 1973)

Research Interests

  • Science support to GAVRT’s K-12 & citizen scientist programs - GAVRT operates two retired DSN antennas to monitor Jupiter’s radio emission, to produce daily radio maps of sun at four wavelengths and to observe the variability of black hole targets.
  • Star and planet formation - physical and chemical structure & evolution of molecular clouds, star-forming cores and protostellar disks- young stellar infall/outflows
  • High contrast imaging for direct detection of extrasolar planets - design and performance analysis of infrared nulling interferometers

Selected Awards

  • Team Award: "Center for Long Wavelength Astrophsyics Team", 2008
  • Team Award: "HiResTeam" for developing tool for HiRes Deconvolution of Spitzer IR images, 2004
  • Senior Research Associateship, National Research Council, 1992-1995
  • Atomic Energy Commission Merit Scholarship (M.Sc. Physics), 1962-64

Selected Publications


  1. RAY, A. & Velusamy, T., eds, "Supernovae and Stellar Evolution," Proc. Of International Workshop, Goa, 1989, World Scientific, Singapore (1991).

Papers, Chapters, and Articles

  1. K. Matuszewska , T. Velusamy , V. dumitroaie , J. Arballo , R. Dorcey , S. Han , E. Klopping , N. Kreuser-Jenkins , S. Levin , D. Santos-Costa (2022) “Variability of Jupiter’s Synchrotron Radiation: Goldstone Apple Valley Radio Telescope (GAVRT) Observations -II”, PASP, (accepted April, 25 2022)
  2. T. Velusamy, V. Adumitroaie, J. Arballo, S. M. Levin, P. A. Ries, R. Dorcey, N. Kreuser-Jenkins, J. Leflang, D. Jauncey, S. Horiuchi, ,(2020), “ Goldstone Apple Valley Radio Telescope Monitoring Flux Density of Jupiter's Synchrotron Radiation during the Juno Mission”, PASP, 132,4402V
  3. T. Velusamy, T. B. H Kuiper, S. M. Levin R. Dorcey, N. Kreuser-Jenkins, J. Leflang, (2020), Goldstone Apple Valley Radio Telescope Observations of 2012 Solar Eclipse: A Multi-wavelength study of cm-wavelength Gyroresonance Emission from Active Regions” PASP, 132, 4201V
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