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The Planck mission will collect and characterize radiation from the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) using sensitive radio receivers operating at extremely low temperatures. These receivers will determine the black body equivalent temperature of the background radiation and will be capable of distinguishing temperature variations of about one microkelvin. These measurements will be used to produce the best ever maps of aniosotopies in the CMB radiation field.

Planck will provide a map of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) field at all angular resolutions greater than 10 arcminutes and with a temperature resolution of the order of one part in 106. The simultaneous mapping of the sky at a wide range of frequencies will enable the separation of the Galactic and extragalactic foreground radiation from the primordial cosmological background signal.


Photo of James Bartlett
James Bartlett
Structure of the Universe
Photo of James Bock
James Bock
Astrophysics & Space Sciences
Photo of Brendan Crill
Brendan Crill
Origin of the Universe - Deputy Program Chief Technologist, NASA Exoplanet Exploration Program
Photo of Olivier Dore
Olivier Dore
Origin of the Universe
Photo of Krzysztof Gorski
Krzysztof Gorski
Origin of the Universe
Photo of Charles Lawrence
Charles Lawrence
Affiliates - Chief Scientist for Astronomy and Physics (7X)
Photo of Steven Levin
Steven Levin
Origin of the Universe
Photo of Graca Rocha
Graca Rocha
Astrophysics & Space Sciences - Deputy Section Manager : Principal Research Scientist
Photo of Michael Seiffert
Michael Seiffert
Origin of the Universe