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 Interstellar and Heliospheric Physics (3263): People
Jorge  Pineda's Picture
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
M/S 169-507
4800 Oak Grove Drive
Pasadena, CA 91109
Email Contact:
Curriculum Vitae:

Jorge Pineda

  • Ph.D., Astronomy, Angelander Institut fuer Astronomie (University of Bonn) and Max Planck Institute fuer Radioastronomie (2007)
  • M.S., Astronomy, University of Chile (2002)
  • B.S., Physics and Astronomy, University of Chile (1996)

Research Interests
  • Initial conditions of high/low mass star formation: Internal structure and chemistry in prestellar cores
  • (Sub) millimeter line observations of low-metallicity molecular gas in the Magellanic Clouds
  • Astrochemistry

Professional Experience
  • Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena Calif. (2008 - Present)
    • Research Scientist (2011 - Present)
    • Caltech Postdoctoral Scholar, (2010 - 20-11)
    • NASA Postdoctoral Program Fellow (2008 - 2010)
  • Postdoctoral Researcher, Angelander Institutfuer Astronomie (University of Bonn) (2007-2008)

Selected Awards
  • NASA Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal (2016)
  • JPL Ed Stone Award for Outstanding Publication (2014)
  • JPL RT&D Research Poster Award Recipient (2014)
  • NASA Group Achievement Award (2010)
  • NASA Postdoctoral Program Fellow (2008-2010)
  • Grant MECESUP UCH0118 from Chilean Ministry of Education (2002-2003)

Selected Publications
  1. Heyer, M.; Goldsmith, P. F.; Yildiz, U. A.; Snell, R. L.; Falgarone, E.; Pineda, J. L., 2016, “Striations in the Taurus molecular cloud: Kelvin–Helmholtz instability or MHD waves?”  MNRAS, 461, 3918.
  2. Langer, W.D., P.F. Goldsmith, & Pineda J.L., 2016, “[CII] and [NII] from dense ionized regions in the Galaxy”, A&A, A&A, 590, A43.
  3. Goldsmith, P. F., Pineda, J. L., Langer, W. D., et al. 2016,”L1599B: Cloud Envelope and C+ Emission in a Region of Moderately Enhanced Radiation Field” ApJ, 824, 141.
  4. Goldsmith, P. F., Yildiz, U.A., Langer, W.D., & Pineda, J.L. 2015, Herschel Galactic Plane Survey of [NII] Fine Structure Emission, ApJ, 814, 133.
  5. Langer, W. D. and Pineda, J. L.  [CII] emission from galactic nuclei in the presence of X-rays. 2015, A&A, 580, A5.
  6. Velusamy, T., Langer, W. D., Goldsmith, P. F., & Pineda, J.L. 2015, Internal structure of spiral arms traced with [C II]: Unraveling the warm ionized medium, HI, and molecular emission lanes, A&A, 578, A135.
  7. Langer, W. D., Goldsmith, P.F., Pineda, J.L., et al.  2015, Ionized gas at the edge of the Central Molecular Zone, 2015, 576, A1.
  8. Pineda, J. L., Langer, W. D., Goldsmith. 2014, A Herschel Galactic Plane Survey III: [CII] as a Tracer of Star Formation, A&A, 570, AA121.
  9. Orr, M., Pineda, J. L., & Goldsmith, P. 2014, Photon-dominated Region Modeling of the [C I], [C II], and CO Line Emission from a Boundary in the Taurus Molecular Cloud  ApJ j, 795, 26.
  10. Anderson, C.N., Meier, D.S., Ott, J., [7 authors], Pineda, J. L., Seale,J. From Gas to Stars in Energetic Environments: Dense Gas Clumps in the 30 Doradus Region Within the Large Magellanic Cloud 2014, ApJ, 793, 37.
  11. Langer, W.D., Pineda, J.L., & Velusamy, T. The scale height of gas traced by [CII] in the Galactic plane, 2014, A&A, 564, A101.
  12. Langer, W. D.; Velusamy, T.; Pineda, J. L.; Willacy, K.; Goldsmith, P. F.,  A Herschel [C II] Galactic plane survey II: CO-dark H2 in clouds, 2014, A&A 564, 101.
  13. Burton, M; [7 Authors], Pineda, J.L., The Mopra Southern Galactic Plane CO Survey, 2013, PASA, 30, 44.
  14. Pineda, J. L.,Langer, W. D., Velusamy, T., Goldsmith, P. F., A Herschel [CII Galactic plane survey. I. The global distribution of ISM gas components, 2013, A&A, 554, A103.
  15. Goldsmith, P.F., Langer, W.D., Pineda, J.L., & Velusamy, T. , Collisional Excitation of the [C II] Fine Structure Transition in Interstellar Clouds, 2012, ApJ, 203, 13.
  16. Pineda, J.L., Mizuno, N., Röllig, M., et al., Submillimeter line emission from LMC 30 Doradus: The impact of a starburst on a low-metallicity environment, 2012, A&A, 544, A84.
  17. Velusamy, T., Langer, W.D., Pineda, J.L., & Goldsmith, P.F., [CII] 158 μm line detection of the warm ionized medium in the Scutum-Crux spiral arm tangency, 2012, A&A, 541, L10.
  18. Wong, T., Hughes, A., Ott, J., Muller, E., Pineda, J.L., et al, The Magellanic Mopra Assessment (MAGMA). I. The Molecular Cloud Population of the Large Magellanic Cloud, 2011, ApJS, 197, 16.
  19. Chapman, N.L., Goldsmith, P.~F., Pineda, J.L., et al, The Magnetic Field in Taurus Probed by Infrared Polarization, 2011, ApJ, 741, 21.
  20. Langer, W. D., Velusamy,T., J. L. Pineda, Goldsmith, P. F., Li. D. & Yorke, H.W. C+ Detection of Warm Dark Gas in Diffuse Clouds, 2010. A&A, 521, L17.
  21. Velusamy,T., Langer, W. D., J. L. Pineda, Goldsmith, P. F., Li. D. & Yorke, H.W., [CII] Observations of H2 Molecular Layers in Transition Clouds, 2010. A&A, 521, L18.
  22. J. L. Pineda, Velusamy,T., Langer, W. D., Goldsmith, P. F., Li. D. & Yorke, H.W. 2010. A Sample of [CII] Clouds Tracing Dense Clouds in Weak FUV Fields. A&A, 521, L19.
  23. Pineda, J.L., Goldsmith, P.F., Chapman, N.L., Li, D., Snell, R., Cambr´esy, L. & Brunt, C. 2010. The Relation Between Dust and Gas in the Taurus Molecular Cloud. ApJ, submitted.
  24. Whittet D.C.B., Goldsmith, P.F., Pineda, J.L., 2010. The Uptake of Interestellar Gaseous CO Into Icy Grain Mantles in a Quiescent Dark Cloud. ApJ, submitted.
  25. Tassis, K.; Christie, D. A.; Urban, A.; Pineda, J. L.; Mouschovias, T. Ch.; Yorke, H. W.; Martel, H. 2010. Do Lognormal Column-Density Distributions in Molecular Clouds Imply SupersonicTurbulence? MNRAS, in press.
  26. Hughes, A.; Wong, T.; Ott, J.; Muller, E.; Pineda, J. L. et al. 2010. Physical properties of giant molecular clouds in the Large Magellanic Cloud. MNRAS, 873.
  27. Muller, E., Ott, J., Hughes, A., Pineda, J. L., & Wong, T. 2009. Characterizing the Low-Mass Molecular Component in the Northern Small Magel- lanic Cloud. ApJ, submitted.
  28. Mizuno, Y., [9 authors], Pineda, J.L., [21 authors], 2009. Warm and Dense Molecular Gas in the N159 Region: 12CO J=4-3 and 13CO J=3-2 Observations with NANTEN2 and ASTE. PASJ submitted.
  29. Pineda, J. L., Ott, J., Klein, U., Wong, T., Muller, E., & Hughes, A. 2009. The Influence of Far-Ultraviolet Radiation on the Properties of Molecular Clouds in the 30 Dor Region of the Large Magellanic Cloud. ApJ, 703, 736.
  30. Wong, T., [6 authors], Pineda, J.L., [5 authors], Molecular and Atomic Gas in the Large Magellanic Cloud. I. Conditions for CO Detection. ApJ, 696, 370.
  31. Ott, J, Wong, T, Pineda, J.L. et al. The Molecular Ridge Close to 30 Doradus in the Large Magellanic Cloud, PASA, 25, 129.
  32. Pineda, J.L., Mizuno,N., Stutzki, J., Cubick,M., et al. 2008. Submillimeter Line Emission from LMC N159W: a Dense, Clumpy PDR in a Low Metal licity Environment. A&A , 482, 197.
  33. Pineda, J. L., & Bensch, F. 2007. Photon-dominated region modeling of the CO and [C i] line emission in Barnard 68. A&A, 470, 615.
  34. Hitschfeld, M. [22 authors], Pineda, J.L., [9 authors] 2008. 12 CO 4-3 and [CI] 1-0 at the centers of NGC 4945 and Circinus. A&A, 479, 75.
  35. Dickinson, C., Casassus, S., Pineda, J. L., Pearson, T. J., Readhead, A. C. S., & Davies, R. D. 2006. An Upper Limit on Anomalous Dust Emission at 31 GHz in the Diffuse Cloud [LPH96] 201.663+1.643. ApJL, 643, L111.

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