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Euclid is a medium class mission selected for a late 2019 launch as part of ESA's Cosmic Visions program. The objective of Euclid is to elucidate the geometry and the nature of the dark energy and dark matter components of the universe, with unprecedented accuracy, in a large survey of the extragalactic sky by two complementary techniques.


Photo of Olivier Dore
Olivier Dore
Origin of the Universe
Photo of Peter Eisenhardt
Peter Eisenhardt
Structure of the Universe - WISE Project Scientist
Photo of Eric Huff
Eric Huff
Origin of the Universe
Photo of Alina Kiessling
Alina Kiessling
Structure of the Universe
Photo of Sujeong Lee
Sujeong Lee
Origin of the Universe - JPL Postdoctoral Fellow
Photo of Leonidas Moustakas
Leonidas Moustakas
Science Division - Deputy Division Manager
Photo of Jason Rhodes
Jason Rhodes
Science Division - Senior Research Scientist
Photo of Andrew Robertson
Andrew Robertson
Origin of the Universe
Photo of Michael Seiffert
Michael Seiffert
Origin of the Universe
Photo of Daniel Stern
Daniel Stern
Structure of the Universe - NuSTAR Project Scientist
Photo of Peter Taylor
Peter Taylor
Origin of the Universe