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Heath  Rhoades's Picture
Table Mountain
24490 Table Mountain Road (P.O. Box 367)
Wrightwood, CA 92397-0367
Email Contact:
Curriculum Vitae:

Heath Rhoades

Heath Rhoades is the Astronomy Team Leader and specializes in software and technology development for Table Mountain Observatory. Mr. Rhoades conducts asteroid and comet astrometry and collaborates with planetary scientists in acquiring data for Potentially Hazardous Asteroid shape modeling and pole solutions.

  • MS Information Systems Management, Capella University
  • MS degree Information Technology/ Internet Security, American Intercontinental University (2007)
  • BS degree Information Technology/Programming, American Intercontinental University (2006)
  • Computer Education Institute (2001)
  • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (48 units complete)
  • Serrano High School (1990)

Professional Experience
  • Astronomy Team Lead Table Mountain Optical Observatory (2009-Present)
  • Santa Barbara Applied Research, Interim Astronomy Team Lead, Observer/Programmer/Systems
  • Rep/Systems administrator Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Table Mountain Observatory (2007- 2009)

Selected Publications
  1. Hicks, M.; Buratti, B. J.; Li, J.; Denevi, B. W.; Nathues, A.; Reddy, V.; Schroeder, S.; Hoffmann, M.; De Sanctis, M. C.; Filacchione, G.; Ammannito, E.; Capaccioni, F.; Duffard, R.; Zhao, H.; Rhoades, H.; Mayes, D.; Barajas, T.; Truong, T.; Foster, J.; Dawn Science Team (2011). The Application of a Vestoid-Derived Photometric Model to the Surface of (4) Vesta. American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting 2011, abstract #P23C-1719 .
  2. Magri, Christopher; Howell, Ellen S.; Nolan, Michael C.; Taylor, Patrick A.; Fernandez, Yanga R.; Mueller, Michael; Vervack, Ronald J.; Benner, Lance A. M.; Giorgini, Jon D.; Ostro, Steven J.; Scheeres, Daniel J.; Hicks, Michael D.; Rhoades, Heath; Somers, James M.; Gaftonyuk, Ninel M.; Kouprianov, Vladimir V.; Krugly, Yurij N.; Molotov, Igor E.; Busch, Michael W.; Margot, Jean-Luc; Benishek, Vladimir; Protitch-Benishek, Vojislava; Galad, Adrian; Higgins, David; Kušnirak, Peter; Pray, Donald P. (2011). Radar and photometric observations and shape modeling of contact binary near-Earth Asteroid (8567) 1996 HW. Icarus, Volume 214, Issue 1, p. 210-227.
  3. Hicks, M.; Somers, J.; Rhoades, H.; McCormack, M.; Gerhart, C.; Bauer, J.; Mainzer, A.; Masiero, J.; Grav, T. (2011). Broadband photometry of 267494 (2002 VB9): A near-near-Earth asteroid with remarkable solar phase behavior. The Astronomer's Telegram, #3460.
  4. Hicks, M.; Rhoades, H.; Somers, J.; Grote, M. (2009) Broad-Band Photometry of the Potentially Hazardous Asteroid 2002 LV. The Astronomer's Telegram,#2134.
  5. Hicks, M.; Lawrence, K.; Rhoades, H.; Somers, J.; McAuley, A.; Barajas, T. (2009) 2001 FE90: An elongated and rapidly rotating near-Earth asteroid. The Astronomer's Telegram, #2116. read=2116

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