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 Aerosols And Clouds (329J): People
Olga  Kalashnikova's Picture
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
M/S 233-200
4800 Oak Grove Drive
Pasadena, CA 91109
Email Contact:
Curriculum Vitae:

Olga Kalashnikova

  • Ph.D., Astrophysical, Planetary and Atmospheric Science (APAS), University of Colorado at Boulder (2002)
  • Remote Sensing Certificate, University of Colorado at Boulder (2001)
  • M.S., Physics, University of Colorado at Boulder (1997)
  • B.S., Physics, Kazakh State National University, Kazakhstan (1994)

  • Research Interests
    • Mineral dust properties, radiative effects and climate connections
    • Remote sensing of aerosol optical properties
    • Light Scattering by irregular and absorbing aerosols


    MISR Icon MISR
    The Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer (MISR) instrument provides a unique opportunity for studying the environment and climate of Earth through the acquisition of global multiangle imagery on the daylit side of Earth.

    AirMSPI Icon AirMSPI
    The Airborne Multiangle SpectroPolarimetric Imager (AirMSPI) instrument flies aboard NASA's ER-2 high altitude aircraft.

    Professional Experience
    • Jet Propulsion Laboratory (2002-Present)
      • Research Scientist (2004-Present)
      • Member of Technical Staff (2004-present)
      • MISR Science team member (2013-present)
      • Member of AIrMSPI algorithm team (2010-present)
      • NRC Research Associate (post-doctorial), JPL (2002-2004)

    Selected Awards
    • JPL Team Awards (2009, 2012, 2014, 2015)
    • JPL Mariner Award (2009)
    • NASA Supplemental Educational Award (2009)
    • NASA New Investigator in Earth Science Award (2008)
    • Zeldovich International Award 2006 for COSPAR Commission A "Space Studies of the Earth's Surface, Meteorology and Climate", (2006)
    • National Research Council (NRC) fellowship, NASA/JPL (2002)

    Selected Publications
    1. Notaro, M., Y. Yu, and O. V. Kalashnikova (2015), Regime shift in Arabian dust activity, triggered by persistent Fertile Crescent drought, J. Geophys. Res. Atmos., 120, doi:10.1002/2015JD023855.
    2. Tosca, M. G., D. J. Diner, M. J. Garay, and O. V. Kalashnikova (2015), Human-caused fires limit convection in tropical Africa: First temporal observations and attribution, Geophys. Res. Lett., 42, 64926501, doi:10.1002/2015GL065063.
    3. Kishcha P., A. M. da Silva, B. Starobinets, C. N. Long, O. V. Kalashnikova, and P. Alpert (2015), Saharan dust as a causal factor of hemispheric asymmetry in aerosols and cloud cover over the tropical Atlantic Ocean, International Journal of Remote Sensing, Volume 36, Issue 13, pages 3423-3445.
    4. Tosca, M. G., D. J. Diner, M. J. Garay, and O. V. Kalashnikova (2014), Observational evidence of fire-driven reduction of cloud fraction in tropical Africa, J. Geophys. Res. Atmos., 119, 84188432, doi:10.1002/2014JD021759.
    5. Yu Y., M. Notaro, Z. Liu, O. Kalashnikova, F. Alkolibi, E. Fadda and F. Bakhrjy, Assessing temporal and spatial variations in atmospheric dust over Saudi Arabia through satellite, radiometric, and station data (2013), JGR, Volume 118, Issue 23, Pages: 13,25313,264, DOI:10.1002/2013JD020677.
    6. Kalashnikova, O. V., Garay, M. J., Martonchik, J. V., and Diner, D. J.: (2013), MISR Dark Water aerosol retrievals: operational algorithm sensitivity to particle non-sphericity, it Atmos. Meas. Tech., 6, 2131-2154, doi:10.5194/amt-6-2131-2013.
    7. Banks J.R. H. E. Brindley, C. Flamant, M. J. Garay, N. C. Hsu, O. V. Kalashnikova, L. Kluser, and A. M. Sayer (2013), Intercomparison of satellite dust retrieval products over the West African Sahara during the Fennec campaign in June 2011, Rem. Sens. Evir., Volume 136, September 2013, Pages 99116, DOI: 10.1016/j.rse.2013.05.003.
    8. Ceccato P., S. Trzaska, C. Perez, O. Kalashnikova, J. del Corral, R. Cousin, M. B. Blumenthal, and M. C. Thomson (2013), Improving Decision-Making Activities for Meningitis and Malaria, Special issue of Geocarto International on NASA Earth Science Satellite Data for Applications to Public Health", pp. 19-38, DOI:10.1080/10106049.2013.827749.
    9. Guo Y., B. Tian, R. A. Kahn, O. V. Kalashnikova (2013), S. Wong , D. Waliser, Tropi-cal Atlantic Dust and Smoke Aerosol Variabilities related to the Madden-Julian Oscillation on MODIS and MISR Observations, JGR atmospheres, JGR, Volume 118, Issue 10, Pages: 49474963, DOI: 10.1002/jgrd.50409.
    10. Sokolik I. N, K. Darmenova, J. Huang, O. Kalashnikova, Y. Kurosaki, and X. Xi (2013), Examining changes in land cover and land use, regional climate and dust in dryland East Asia and their linkages within the Earth system. In: Dryland East Asia (DEA): Land dynamics amid social and climate change. Editors: Chen, J., Wan, S. Henebry, G., Qi, J., Gutman, G., Sun, G., Kappas, M. HEP De Gruyer, pp. 185-213.
    11. Yang W., A. Marshak, T. Varnai, O. Kalashnikova, and A. Kostinski (2012), CALIPSO observations of transatlantic dust: vertical strati_cation and e_ect of clouds, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 12, 11339-11354, doi:10.5194/acp-12-11339-2012
    12. Alston E. J., I. N. Sokolik, and O. V. Kalashnikova, Seasonal and interannual variability of atmospheric aerosols in the U. S. Southeast from ground and space based measurements over the past decade, Atmos. Meas. Tech. Discuss., 4, 7559-7595, 2011, doi:10.5194/amtd-4-7559-2011.
    13. Kalashnikova O. V., M. J. Garay, A. B. Davis, D. J. Diner, and and J.V. Martonchik (2011), Sensitivity of multi-angle photo-polarimetery to vertical layering and mixing of absorbing aerosols: Quantifying measurement uncertainties, JQSRT, Volume 112, Issue 13, Pages 2149-2163, 10.1016/j.jqsrt.2011.05.010.
    14. Hansell Jr., R. A., Reid, J. S., Tsay, S. C., Roush, T. L., and Kalashnikova, O. V. (2011), A sensitivity study on the effects of particle chemistry, asphericity and size on the mass extinction efficiency of mineral dust in the earth's atmosphere: from the near to thermal IR, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 11, 1527-1547, doi:10.5194/acp-11-1527-2011.
    15. Kishcha, P., B. Starobinets, O.V. Kalashnikova, and P. Alpert (2011), The Effect of Urbanization on AOT and Solar Dimming over the Indian Subcontinent based on Satellite Data, Journal of Remote Sensing, Vol. 32, Iss. 24, 2011, DOI:10.1080/01431161.2010.550333
    16. Kalashnikova O. V., M. J. Garay, R. A. Kahn, D. J. Diner, J. V. Martonchik, Capabilities of MISR aerosol retrievals in dust-laden conditions, Proceedings of the SPIE Europe Remote Sensing, 2011
    17. Kalashnikova O. V., M. J. Garay, A. B. Davis, D. J. Diner, J. V. Martonchik, Photo-polarimetric sensitivities to layering and mixing of absorbing aerosols, Proceedings of the 13th Conference on Electromagnetic and Light Scattering, AAPP, Volume 89, Supplement 1, 2011
    18. Kishcha, P., B. Starobinets, O. Kalashnikova, C.N. Long, and P. Alpert (2009), Variations of Meridional Aerosol Distribution and Solar Dimming, J. Geophys. Res., doi:10.1029/2008JD010975
    19. Kalashnikova O. V., N. C. Hsu, R. Kahn, Capabilities and limitations of space-borne passive remote sensing of dust, Proceeding of the 3d international dust workshop, Leipzig, 2008
    20. Kalashnikova O. V. and R. A. Kahn (2008), Mineral dust plume evolution over the Atlantic from MISR and MODIS aerosol retrievals, J. Geophys. Res., 113, D24204, doi:10.1029/2008JD010083.
    21. Kalashnikova O. V. , F. P.Mills, A. Eldering, D. Anderson (2006), Application of satellite and ground-based data to investigate the UV radiative effects of Australian aerosols, Remote Sensing of Environment, 107, 65-80
    22. Kalashnikova, O. V., and R. Kahn (2006), Ability of multiangle remote sensing observations to identify and distinguish mineral dust types: Sensitivity over dark water, J. Geophys. Res.,111, D11207, doi:10.1029/2005JD006756.
    23. Kalashnikova O. V., R. Kahn, I.N. Sokolik and W.-H Li (2005), The ability of multi-angle remote sensing observations to identify and distinguish mineral dust types: Optical models and retrievals of optically thick plumes, JGR , VOL. 110, D18S14,doi:10.1029/2004JD004550, 2005
    24. Kalashnikova O. V. and I. N. Sokolik (2004), Modeling the radiative properties of nonspherical soil-derived mineral aerosols, JQSRT, Vol 87/2. pp 137-166
    25. Kalashnikova O. V. and I. N. Sokolik (2002), Importance of shapes and compositions of wind-blown dust particles for remote sensing at solar wavelengths, GRL, 29, N. 10, 10.1029/2002GL014947
    26. Kalashnikova O. V., M. Horanyi, G. E. Thomas, and O. B. Toon (2000), Meteoric smoke production in the atmosphere," GRL, 27(20): 3293{3296.


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