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Andrew Maguire

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4800 Oak Grove Drive

Pasadena, CA 91109

Curriculum Vitae:

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Member of:

Carbon Cycle And Ecosystems

Postdoctoral Researcher

Employed By

A NASA Postdoctoral Program (NPP) Fellow is not an employee of any office or agency. The fellow has a guest appointment at JPL. ORAU currently administers the appointment.


My research interests are focused on remote sensing of plant-environmental interactions across spatiotemporal scales. I apply measurements from in situ, tower, airborne, and spaceborne instruments, including solar induced fluorescence (SIF), reflectance spectroscopy, and lidar to track plant biogeochemical processes and structural properties. Much of my recent work has focused on Arctic-Boreal ecosystems and evergreen needleleaf forests, though I am generally interested in a broad range of natural and managed ecosystems. Currently, I am working on evaluating the impact of cloud cover and direct/diffuse light conditions on the relationship between SIF and photosynthetic phenology across the evergreen needleleaf forest domain. I am also interested in the effect of canopy structure on radiative transfer in plant canopies and how that influences spectral signals of plant function.


  • PhD (2020) Natural Resources, University of Idaho
  • MS (2015) Wildlife and Conservation Biology, University of New Hampshire
  • BA (2011) Biology and Environmental Studies, Colby College

Professional Experience

  • NASA Postdoctoral Program Fellow, JPL (January 2021 – present)
  • Research Assistant, University of Idaho (June 2016 – January 2021)
  • Research Assistant, University of New Hampshire (June 2013 – December 2015)

Community Service

  • Journal Reviewer: Remote Sensing of Environment; Global Change Biology; and Environmental Research Letters; Journal of Geophysical Research: BiogeosciencesRemote Sensing

Research Interests

  • Terrestrial ecology and carbon cycle
  • Spectral remote sensing
  • Phenology
  • Global environmental change

Selected Awards

  • NASA Postdoctoral Program fellowship: January 2021 – present
  • Future Investigators in NASA Earth and Space Science Technology (FINESST): August 2019 - January 2021
  • Outstanding Graduate Student, Department of Natural Resources and Society, University of Idaho: 2020

Selected Publications

  1. Pierrat, Z.A., T.S. Magney, N.C. Parazoo, K. Grossmann, D.R. Bowling, U. Seibt, B. Johnson, W. Helgason, A. Barr, J. Bortnik, A. Norton, A.J. Maguire, C. Frankenberg, and J. Stutz. 2022. Diurnal and seasonal dynamics of solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence, vegetation indices, and gross primary productivity in the boreal forest. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences, 127: e2021JG006588.
  2. Nelson, P.R*., A.J. Maguire*, Z. Pierrat, E.L. Orcutt, D. Yang, S. Serbin, G.V. Frost, M.J. Macander, T.S. Magney, D.R. Thompson, J.A. Wang, S.F. Oberbauer, S. Vargas Zesati, S.J. Davidson, H.E. Epstein, S. Unger, P.K.E. Campbell, N. Carmon, M. Velez-Reyes, and K.F. Huemmrich. 2022. Remote Sensing of Tundra Ecosystems using High Spectral Resolution Reflectance: Opportunities and Challenges. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences, 127: e2021JG006697. *PRN & AJM contributed equally
  3. Maguire, A.J., J.U.H. Eitel, T.S. Magney, C. Frankenberg, P. Köhler, E.L. Orcutt, N.C. Parazoo, R. Pavlick, and Z.A. Pierrat. 2021. Spatial covariation between solar-induced fluorescence and vegetation indices from Arctic-Boreal landscapes. Environmental Research Letters, 16(9)
  4. Jennewein, J.S., J.U.H. Eitel, K. Joly, R.A. Long, A.J. Maguire, L.A. Vierling, W.A. Weygint. 2021. Estimating integrated measures of forage nutritional quality for herbivores by fusing optical and structural remote sensing data. Environmental Research Letters , 16(7)
  5. Maguire, A.J., J.U.H. Eitel, K.L. Griffin, T.S. Magney, R.A. Long, L.A. Vierling, S.C. Schmiege, J.S. Jennewein, W.A. Weygint, N.T. Boelman, and S.G. Bruner. 2020. On the functional relationship between fluorescence and photochemical yields in complex evergreen needleleaf canopies. Geophysical Research Letters, 47(9)
  6. Eitel, J.U.H., K.L. Griffin, N.T. Boelman, A.J. Maguire, A.J.H. Meddens, J.E. Jensen, L.A. Vierling, S.C. Schmiege, and J.S. Jennewein. 2020. Foliar remote sensing tracks daily radial tree growth dynamics of evergreen needleleaf trees throughout the growing season. Global Change Biology, 26(7): 4068-4078.
  7. Russell, M.T., J.U.H. Eitel, A.J. Maguire, and T.E. Link. 2020. Toward a novel laser-based approach for validating snow interception estimates. Remote Sensing, 12(7): 1146
  8. Maguire, A.J., J.U.H. Eitel, L.A. Vierling, D.M. Johnson, K.L. Griffin, N.T. Boelman, J.E. Jensen, H.E. Greaves, A.J.H. Meddens. 2019. Terrestrial lidar scanning reveals fine-scale linkages between microstructure and photosynthetic functioning of small-stature spruce trees at the forest-tundra ecotone. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 269-270: 157-168.
  9. Eitel, J.U.H., A.J. Maguire, N.T. Boelman, L.A. Vierling, K.L. Griffin, J.E. Jensen, T.S. Magney, P.J. Mahoney, A.J.H. Meddens, C.A. Silva, O.S. Sonnentag. 2019. Proximal remote sensing of tree physiology at northern treeline: Do late-season changes in the photochemical reflectance index (PRI) respond to climate or photoperiod? Remote Sensing of Environment, 221: 340-350.