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CloudSat was selected as a NASA Earth System Science Pathfinder satellite mission in 1999 to provide observations necessary to advance our understanding of cloud abundance, distribution, structure, and radiative properties. Since 2006, CloudSat has flown the first satellite-based millimeter-wavelength cloud radar: a radar that is more than 1000 times more sensitive than existing weather radars. Unlike ground-based weather radars that use centimeter wavelengths to detect raindrop-sized particles, CloudSat's radar allows us to detect the much smaller particles of liquid water and ice that constitute the large cloud masses that make our weather.


Photo of Maria Hakuba
Maria Hakuba
Aerosols And Clouds
Photo of Jonathan Jiang
Jonathan Jiang
Aerosols And Clouds - Group Supervisor, Senior Research Scientist
Photo of Brian Kahn
Brian Kahn
Atmospheric Physics And Weather
Photo of Derek Posselt
Derek Posselt
Atmospheric Physics And Weather
Photo of Mark Richardson
Mark Richardson
Aerosols And Clouds
Photo of Graeme Stephens
Graeme Stephens
Center for Climate Sciences - Director of the Center for Climate Sciences
Photo of Hanii Takahashi
Hanii Takahashi
Aerosols And Clouds