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CMS Flux (Carbon Monitoring System Flux)

CMS Flux (Carbon Monitoring System Flux) Project Logo

The objective of the NASA CMS Flux Pilot Project is to incorporate the full suite of NASA observational, modeling, and assimilation capabilities to attribute CO2 climate forcing to spatially resolved emissions. Achievement of this goal requires identifying atmospheric CO2 signals of anthropogenic emission change against the backdrop of natural carbon cycle variability across a range of time scales. Critical to this project is the development of a framework that can estimate these emissions and their relationship to climate forcing with sufficient spatio-temporal resolution, accuracy, and precision for policy and scientific applications.

CMS will provide both bottom up and top-down estimates and uncertainties for both land surface and oceanic emissions along with prior and posterior CO2 concentrations to the carbon cycle and carbon-climate communities through participation in existing international research activities. The CMS will also work with the applied sciences/policy community to assess the utility of the emissions products to policy goals.


Photo of Anthony Bloom
Anthony Bloom
Water & Ecosystems - Scientist
Photo of Kevin Bowman
Kevin Bowman
Carbon Cycle And Ecosystems - Engineering and Science Directorate Principal
Photo of Abhishek Chatterjee
Abhishek Chatterjee
Carbon Cycle And Ecosystems - Project Scientist for OCO-3 and Deputy Project Scientist for OCO-2
Photo of Michelle Gierach
Michelle Gierach
Water & Ecosystems - Principal Scientist
Photo of Michael Keller
Michael Keller
Carbon Cycle And Ecosystems
Photo of Paul Levine
Paul Levine
Water & Ecosystems - Postdoctoral Researcher
Photo of Junjie Liu
Junjie Liu
Carbon Cycle And Ecosystems - Principal Scientist
Photo of Dimitris Menemenlis
Dimitris Menemenlis
Ocean Circulation And Air Sea Interaction - Group Supervisor
Photo of Kazuyuki Miyazaki
Kazuyuki Miyazaki
Tropospheric Composition - Scientist
Photo of Sudhanshu Pandey
Sudhanshu Pandey
Tropospheric Composition
Photo of David Schimel
David Schimel
Carbon Cycle And Ecosystems - Group Supervisor