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TES is a spectrometer that measures the infrared-light energy (radiance) emitted by Earth's surface and by gases and particles in Earth's atmosphere.

As one of the four instruments aboard NASA's Aura satellite, TES is helping to monitor air pollution, unravel the processes that control air quality, and determine how Earth's climate is changing. TES focuses on the troposphere, the layer of atmosphere in which we live. It enables scientists to measure air quality on a local, regional, and global scale, beyond what is possible with ground-based stations.


Photo of Kevin Bowman
Kevin Bowman
Carbon Cycle And Ecosystems - Engineering and Science Directorate Principal
Photo of Kristen Fahy
Kristen Fahy
Tropospheric Composition
Photo of Brendan Fisher
Brendan Fisher
Tropospheric Composition
Photo of Robert Herman
Robert Herman
Tropospheric Composition
Photo of Le Kuai
Le Kuai
Tropospheric Composition
Photo of Ming Luo
Ming Luo
Tropospheric Composition
Photo of Kazuyuki Miyazaki
Kazuyuki Miyazaki
Tropospheric Composition - Scientist
Photo of Jessica Neu
Jessica Neu
Tropospheric Composition - Associate Directorate Scientist, Earth Science and Technology Directorate
Photo of Gregory Osterman
Gregory Osterman
Tropospheric Composition